Improve Your Form Conversion Rate


Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a page or site who take a desired action. A desired action could be requesting a free trial, watching a live webinar, requesting a quote or downloading a whitepaper, just to name a few. Most decision makers at manufacturers have very tight schedules, which don’t allow them time to make the action unless (1) the message drives their interest and (2) the process is easy. At Top Floor’s most recent seminar, Website Usability Workshop, presenter Shane Fell shared his experiences in enhancing conversion rates with an example of Wisconsin Oven in redesigning its contact form.

To summarize, there were two key changes that were made to the form that allowed for a better conversion rate for the form:

1) Make it an Easy Process

Shane suggested that never overwhelm your users with choices and information. Being overwhelmed only drives users the opposite direction, leaving your page. In this case, Wisconsin Oven was asking for more information than necessary, which makes the sign-up process longer, increasing the risk of visitors abandoning the form. To reduce the anxiety, we simplified the form by only including fields for name, email, company, telephone number and comments.

2) Make an Attractive Offer

Make your users aware of what you can offer and why it’s beneficial to them. For example, people like signing up for free T-shirt; professionals enjoy networking opportunities; shoppers are excited about placing an order online with one click and free shipping. Think about the content relevant to the stories of your products and services and make an offer that meets your customers’ needs. The bottom line: no matter which rule you want to start with, optimizing a conversion rate always comes from a better understanding of your users’ needs.