How Industrial Buyer Personas Can Enhance Your PPC Strategy and Increase ROI

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a cost-effective way for industrial businesses to quickly show up for terms potential customers are searching for, and drive website traffic. Since clicks and website visits do not always lead to a sale, any PPC campaign should start with a strategy to avoid wasting money and ensure a return on investment. Developing a B2B buyer persona can help industrial organizations create a successful PPC strategy that drives more leads and increases ROI.

Why is the B2B Buyer Persona Important for Industrial Businesses?

Developing a well-defined buyer persona can help industrial businesses make informed decisions and smarter investments to improve PPC marketing efforts. A B2B buyer persona depicts the target customer for your B2B product or service, including their role within their organization and in the buying process, their pain points and goals, what motivates them, and other defining traits. From a marketing standpoint, understanding your audience is key in order to define focus points to tailor messaging around and convert prospects into customers.

Actionable Buyer Persona Types

In the B2B industrial industry, it is common to have multiple actionable buyer persona types to account for within your PPC strategy. Below are some examples of buyer personas to consider, and quick insight into what they value.

Economic Buyer Persona

An economic buyer persona has the authority to commit or decline funds for a purchase. These types of buyers tend to focus on the bottom line and the impacts on the organization. They often want high-level findings and value looking at case studies, client examples, and financial models because they are ROI-focused.  

User Buyer Persona

A user buyer persona is the end user of your product or service. They are responsible for narrowing down potential solutions to present to the economic buyer. They value learning about the details of the different options available such as ease of use, features, and benefits, customer support, and reliability. They commonly look at customer reviews and ratings and FAQ pages. Their goal is to be able to pitch the product or service to the personnel that can approve the purchase.

Technical Buyer Persona

A technical buyer ensures all technical specifications are met. Their focus is on the data and values of a solution’s technical specs, including performance, ease of set-up, and compatibility. They are familiar with similar problems and understand how to identify solutions. They value comparison guides and charts to digest data easily in order to pick a viable solution.

Coach Buyer Persona

A coach buyer persona can be a buyer or an influencer that wants your product or service to be the winning option. They may have potential personal gain from your solution and advocate for your product or service. They too commonly have experience with problems and identifying solutions. Recognition, visibility, and making an impact or contribution are things they value.

Now that you have an understanding of some actionable buyer persona types, the next step is to dive a little deeper to identify: what websites they are on, the YouTube channels they watch, social media preferences, and types of content they are sharing. These insights can help you decide what platforms to advertise on, what type of ads and content to create, and leverage audience targeting for campaigns. As a result of developing a B2B buyer persona, industrial businesses can optimize marketing budgets to bring high-quality traffic to the website, and increase conversion rates. Are you ready to get started? Download your free Buyer Persona Template today!