Google Updates Data Studio To Looker Studio: Unifying Their Business Intelligence Product Line

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Google has recently made an update to one of its more popular data platforms, Google Data Studio. Google has decided to update this portion of its business intelligence platform to Looker Studio. As one aspect of the Google Business Intelligence Suite, they are pushing to have everything located under what they are now referring to as the “Looker Umbrella” in order to unify this Business Intelligence Suite. 

Looker Vs. Data Studio: Why The Change?

The name change might take a lot of getting used to, at least for all of us search engine marketers out there who have extensively utilized the platform. The platform formerly named Data Studio is a precious resource when it comes to making sense of the data that you’re tracking. 

What exactly was Data Studio? Google Data Studio features allowed even the most talented marketing expert a way to process and report on data and other performance metrics. Especially for the clients that you are working with, Google’s Data Studio allowed the marketer to provide clear and concise metrics all in one place. It cut the time spent formulating reports and other KPIs in half. So, why did Google decide to rename one of its most popular reporting platforms? 

As previously mentioned, Google has opted to make the name change from Data Studio to Looker Studio in order to unify its business intelligence portfolio under what they call, the “Looker Umbrella”. The main goal is to begin creating a more in-depth merger of Looker, Data Studio, and other core technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and other various forms of machine learning. With that being said, the difference that stands out the most between Looker and Data Studio is Looker Studio has made moves beyond just populating data from platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads to present metrics through your standard dashboard. Instead, Looker Studio aims to take Google Data Studio features to the next level by combining these dashboards with individual workflows along with your standard Google data platforms, with technology such as AI and other machine-learning tools in order for you to provide more in-depth insights and essentially leading to providing more informed data-driven decisions. 

Google Looker And Data Studio Merger: What To Expect Moving Forward

As a precautionary measure, always try your best to stay up to date with the latest Google news. They have a tendency to make updates overnight and even fully sunset various product lines,  and Looker Studio is no expectation. However, this update is sure to make you smile, rather than roll your eyes in frustration. Particularly, the Looker merger with Google Data Studio features aims to provide a significant improvement in functionality compared to Data Studios’ traditional reporting. 

Now, by no means, is Data Studio and its existing features being put to the wayside. Looker Studio is set to be the smash box office sequel to its predecessor. Overall, this merger between Looker and Data Studio will only allow marketers to provide even better and more customized reports to their clients and allow them to make better-informed day-to-day decisions. Additionally, the new elements of Looker Studio allow for telling a high-level summary with added visual elements within your data in more cohesive, collaborative, and efficient ways. From what we can tell, Looker Studio is here to stay and there is continual potential for growth and even more ways to showcase performance metrics.

For larger companies out there, this improvement in functionality really comes to light in the pro version of Looker Studio. With this paid version, Looker Studio Pro is able to provide its users with additional management features and other tools that aid in efficient collaboration. All in all, Google’s Looker Studio is broadening the way that we collect and use data. Google is planning to integrate several other productivity tools and expand its partnerships under the “Looker Umbrella” as we move into 2023. 

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