Google My Business Updates: Recap of New Features and How They Can Help You


Google My Business is one of the best tools for local businesses to gain more online visibility and improve search engine optimization. Google offers many ways to enhance your company profile and give users the quick, key pieces of information they’re looking for all from the search engine results. Recently, Google launched 9 new features that business owners can take advantage of on their profile.

Which Google My Business Update Should I Capitalize On?

The key to seeing results from your Google My Business listing is to take full advantage of the different features to provide the information that your customers are actively looking for. Here are a few of the new Google My Business updates that may be the most valuable for your business.

1. Local Service Attributes

This Google My Business update is currently popular with retail and restaurant industries. However, the new feature is expected to become popular across more industries. Users now will see information about services and offerings with a red X or green checkmark to indicate if the attribute is available. While you’ve probably seen examples of this for curbside pickup, delivery, or takeout, there are more unique attributes for other industries through service ads. Businesses can include essential information about appointments if they’re experiencing high call volume or even urgent requests. Since users are typically looking for the quickest possible response, it will be important to update any relevant service attributes your company has to stay top of mind and not get lost in the local competition.

2. No Restrictions for Chains with Google Posts

Previously, Google did not allow businesses with more than 10 locations to post updates to multiple locations. With the restriction lifted, managing multiple locations is now easier and more efficient. If your business requires you to answer customer questions often or put out frequent updates, this will make your life easier. Posts can also be used to promote special offerings or events as another way to stay top of mind, have another place to access this information easily, and even generate some ROI.

3. Secondary Hours

This Google My Business update has been a long time coming. Previously, businesses that offered special hours of operation did not have a way to list them on their profile. Now, businesses can post secondary hours, which show up next to the hours feature in a purple text link labeled “See more hours.” This is something Google My Business users have been asking for quite some time now. Finally having the ability to display additional hours of service could be another way to help solve awareness challenges for companies whose customers were not aware of additional hours and fulfill more services and sales during those times.

How Google is Helping During Coronavirus

The Google My Business updates are part of many resources and tools designed for businesses in response to how Google is helping during coronavirus. Whether your business is thriving or in a recovery stage, these Google My Business updates are here to stay. Users continue to actively pay attention to Google My Business profiles and take action from them. The bottom line is that taking advantage of these new features is a win-win for both sides. Your business will stay top of mind with what customers are looking for and help to keep things moving forward despite the current state of business.  If you have questions about how you can take advantage of these new updates, let us know!