Google Image Extensions – New Beta Program


About Google Image Extensions

Do you find it frustrating to try and find an image of a product you are searching for? This might not be an issue for much longer. In July 2020, Google announced they would be launching a beta program for image extensions. This will allow businesses to add images of their products or services alongside their ads in search results, making it easier for people to see their offerings rather than having to click through various tabs. Another benefit of image extensions is they give your ads more visibility while also helping increase rank.

How to Implement Image Extensions

Once your account gets approved for the image extension beta program, go to where you would set up other extensions like site links or callouts and click “add extension”. From there, you can either input your website URL and scan the site for images, re-use images that are already in your Google Ads account, or upload new images. These can be added to the campaign or ad group level. Although landscape images are allowed, we recommend using square images as they fit best next to the ad copy and will maximize performance. We also recommend adding a few images so they can cycle through and you can see which images perform better.

In conclusion, Google image extensions will work best for companies that offer products. However, if your company offers services that can be effectively showcased in an image, these are a great fit as well. Top Floor will be further exploring image extensions in the coming months to see where they work best for our clients. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are curious if these will work for you!