Google Ads Unveils Audience Sharing


Google announced users can now enable audience sharing in manager accounts instead of having to manually share audience targeting. Google will share lists across all accounts including any existing sub accounts. 



While this is an opt-in feature, keep in mind it may not be the best option for your situation. If your business has many subdomains or detailed campaigns, this may not be the best idea for you. Since all sub accounts are pulled into the audience sharing, you could end up with a confusing jumble of assets. Any changes made to shared audience lists will also be applied across accounts which might also lead to unwanted mistakes if not careful. 

However, there are some benefits we can see to this feature that can help streamline your PPC audience strategy. As long as you keep lists clearly and appropriately labeled, there are some benefits. 

  • Easy Collaboration 

If your marketing team has multiple people involved, employees working remotely or even from offices in other cities, Google will share these lists automatically. Your PPC audience targeting lists will all be in one place for everyone to access. 

  • Enhanced PPC Strategy

If your brands are similar in nature, grouped by location, or have overlapping customers or services, PPC audience sharing could help develop your strategy. Taking note of what lists you are currently using can help you fill in gaps for audiences you are missing or would like to try targeting. You might even find inspiration and find audiences that can work well in other campaigns.  


The Cautions of Sharing 

Google cautions advertisers to make sure they’ve considered privacy policies and to only share remarketing lists with accounts when they’ve received the proper consent from users. 

There are also a number of management scenarios like incorrectly implemented remarketing tags, turning off sharing lists, removing users, or changing account managers from one user to another that will limit or stop ads from running. If trying this feature appeals to you, familiarize yourself with these situations and keep watch for issues running ads as you get used to the feature.   

Before sharing a list with another account, make sure you have the correct permissions from the account that owns the list.  

Enabling audience sharing will require you to go through multiple steps first. To learn more about setting up this feature, reach out to one of our PPC Specialists. Remember, we are always here to assist with any questions you may have – drop us a line, and we’ll get in touch with you!