Google Ads Customer Support Moves Away from Social Media

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If you’ve tried direct messaging Google Ads through Facebook or Twitter in the last week you might have noticed a message directing you elsewhere.

As of January 1, advertisers with Google Ads will no longer be able to access customer service by direct messaging the Google Ads support team on Facebook or Twitter.

Instead, customers are encouraged to send requests through an online communication form.

Our Thoughts?

Initially, there’s no telling if this shift in customer support will be more helpful. Especially since social media channels are quicker and easier for advertisers to access when they need assistance. However, Google Ads’ reasoning for pulling their customer support through social media could also offer some benefits to help all parties involved with Google paid ads.

Google said they are making the changes to streamline the support process as well as improve security around phishing and spam concerns.

“Customer security and success is paramount. Due to the growing global concern around spam and phishing, we are making an effort to resolve all Google product customer questions via 1:1 communication through direct email, phone or chat,” a Google spokesperson said. “Streamlining these channels will provide faster and more secure responses for all global customers.”

What does the Streamlined Form Look Like?

Google Ads’ online support form that customers are being directed to prompts users to describe the issue they need help with and can then select their contact options. Customers can choose to call, email, or chat with a representative to receive assistance. From here, users can also access other quick help forums on topics like billing and managing ads.

While social media is no longer an option, chatbots can be just as quick and effective as social media. As for making a phone call or email, users will be taking the same risk as any other customer support service and could end up having to wait.

If you’ve needed to contact Google Ads before or are interested in noting where the form can be found, visit Google Support.

As always, we would be happy to talk through your questions as well. Let’s chat!