Facebook Makes Online Shopping Easier


New Facebook Shopping Developments Makes Online Shopping More Of A Joy Than A Chore

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses have survived, and unfortunately, some have subsided. Facebook, however, wants to help those smaller businesses that have been able to stay afloat given current times. Although Facebook is mostly known for its ability of connecting friends and family, they are also committed to helping connect businesses with their customers.

Shopping through Facebook and other social apps has always been available, but now Facebook is focusing on how to make the online shopping experience even more convenient than ever. They want to make it seamless and effortless for both the consumer and business owners, whether they own a local shop or even a global brand. The hope is to make online shopping more of a delight than a task.

Welcome, Facebook Shops

Even though we are beginning to see businesses start to reopen, there is still a sense of uncertainty in the air. Therefore, it is a critical time for businesses to be on their toes when it comes to their online presence and to stay focused on growing and staying connected with their customers. There is a major Importance for businesses to adapt to more of an online shopping capability due to the lasting effects of COVID-19. Businesses who are not already taking advantage of the available tools out there, should consider making some changes and bringing business online.

What exactly is Facebook Shops?

First off, this new feature includes an easy set up and is accessible from both the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Plus, its completely free to use! Businesses will also have full freedom when it comes to creating their online store in Facebook Shops. They will be able to pick and choose which specific products they would want to include in the store, and then even have the capability to customize the entire look of their store; from the organization, down to even the cover art and color scheme, with the ability to mirror their existing brand’s style. All this simplicity and freedom allows for any business to connect with their customers without limitations such as the size of the company, product catalog, or even their budget.

So, beside the Facebook Shops set up being relatively straightforward, how will customers will be able to access it? Believe it or not, it should be even easier than the original set up. Customers will be able to find the new store directly through an existing business’s Facebook page or Instagram profile. Another outlet is for them to find businesses through any sort of posts created (newsfeed or story), or through paid ads as well. Once they get to the shop from any of these outlets, they will be able to browse and save any products they may be interested in but may not want to commit to completing the purchase yet. If they are ready to make a purchase, they can do so on the businesses’ website, or without leaving the app.  Customers will be able to purchase directly within Shops as long as the business has enabled checkout in the US.

Convenience is Key with Facebook Shopping

As I mentioned, the main goal of Facebook Shops is for businesses to be able to connect even further with their customers. That being said, another feature that will double down on the ease of the social media shopping experience is that Facebook Shops will provide the opportunity for customers to be able to message the business through various channels such as the WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct with any specific questions from particulars on certain products, even tracking details. The beauty of this is that It brings everything that comes with a physical store visit to the convenience of someone at home.

Facebook is also working on ways to allow businesses to incorporate their internal loyalty programs for customers when shopping online. This functionality will allow for customers to track their points and rewards for a particular business that they could then use when making a purchase in Facebook Shops. This is an upcoming feature that is currently within the development stage.

Facebook Shops has just now been starting to become more available and expected to be more mainstream in the coming months. They didn’t stop with the Facebook platform only but are also extending the features to Instagram shopping as well, where influencers rule.

Welcome, Instagram Shops

Nothing has changed with the overall goal and vision from Facebook going to the Instagram platform. The only difference is where to find it, and how to use it.

The ease of Instagram shopping will also mirror the convenience of Facebook by being able to purchase products you find in Instagram Explore, which is expected to launch later this year. Facebook is really focusing on keeping online shopping easy and will be adding the shop tab within the navigation bar so customers will be able to access a catalog of products with just one click.

Live Social Media Shopping

Another major new feature of Instagram shopping will be the ability for consumers to shop in real time. Instagram has always had the platform for businesses to showcase new products, whether it was through live videos or regular posts. With the new Instagram Shops, businesses will have the ability to tag products from their Facebook Shop. Before going live, those tagged products will display within the video, giving customers the ability to easily tap on the products and complete a purchase right then and there. This new feature is currently being tested, but with plans on being fully available in the coming months.

So, What Can You Do Now?

The best advice is to be proactive with your online presence and always have the target of growth in mind. If you are unsure about how these new Facebook shopping features can help your business in particular, drop us a line and our team of experts will be able to help place you on the right track in any way possible!