SMX Part 2: Educational Content Marketing

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This post is the 2nd in a 3 part series recapping SMX Advanced, the national search marketing conference held last month in Seattle. Read SMX Part 1: Best Practice Won’t Win the Race

Educational Content & Marketing

When you live in my world – I’m the owner of a search marketing firm – the idea that providing educational content will help your marketing efforts is not a revolutionary concept.  We have known this for years. Virtually every key strategy for online success is dependent on your company providing your audience useful, non-promotional information.  Being found on the Internet and using those opportunities to advance the sales process is dependent on your providing this type of information. However, as I sat through the SMX workshops and keynote speeches, I was reminded just how important this will be for anyone wanting to market their company online.

Google search for "useful content"

Google Doesn’t Care About Your Company

They don’t. What they do care about is providing their users with useful, relevant information on whatever subjects they search for. Google’s leaders are such zealots when it comes to this, that it almost seems counterproductive to their running a profitable business. (Google has actually banned advertisers who were spending $500,000 per month simply because their algorithm suggested that the company wasn’t providing the right type of content to searchers.) If that’s not enough to get your attention, consider all of this social media stuff: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more that you are probably not aware of.

Stay Smart, Stay Ahead of the Tide

I’m not suggesting that you drop everything and work on developing your social media strategy. What I am saying is all this stuff is starting to come together, and if you ignore it for too long your competitors who are taking it seriously are going to eat your lunch–even in the business to business space. So even if you are moving quickly to address this, just be aware of one thing. Social media success is dependent upon you sharing valuable information with the people you want to reach: information that will help them better understand how to buy and use the products or services you sell. Stay tuned for SMX Part 3: Getting Started with Content Marketing