Driving Google Traffic through Image Search


Have you been wanting more of your images to appear through Google image search results? Have you wanted to grow your linking within Google image search results? In July, Google added more context to your photos in the image search results that now show users new opportunities to view more related information to the image that is being viewed.  The information that has shown to be available is pulled from Google’s Knowledge Graph and displayed underneath photos when they’re clicked on. (as seen below)

Milwaukee Parks Image Search

Let’s dive into this a little further to see how this change in image search helps you out.

More topics for searchers to explore

Searchers are able to visit the web page where the image is featured. The reason for this is that the added context will make more searchers want to click on the link. This is similar to a meta description, but the facts appearing underneath an image come from different sources. The different sources are from sites all over the web but pulled from the Knowledge Graph.

This is great for you and searchers as it gives searchers more information about images that could potentially drive more clicks to the image source without requiring site owners to take any action for this to occur.

More Searchers, More Traffic

If you have content included in Google’s Knowledge Graph, there are greater opportunities to have your links displayed in more search results. Google’s help page made a statement to clarify the facts that are included within the Knowledge Graph.

“Facts in the Knowledge Graph come from a variety of sources that compile factual information. In addition to public sources, we license data to provide information such as sports scores, stock prices, and weather forecasts.

We also receive factual information directly from content owners in various ways, including from those who suggest changes to knowledge panels they’ve claimed.”

Overall, make sure you are claiming your business’s knowledge panel to ensure that your links and information are being provided to the searchers that are seeing this content. If you have any questions on how to ensure this is claimed or any general questions in how to grow your organic traffic, contact us to see how we can help you!