Webinar Highlight: The Importance of a Digital Strategy


At Top Floor, we believe that continued education is incredibly important, which is why we’re always planning and expanding our webinar series. We understand that work days are busy, and it’s hard to commit time to listening to webinars so we’re going to highlight our recent events here on our blog.

First up: The Importance of a Digital Strategy

Presented by Sarah Kloth, Director of Digital Strategy

A digital marketing plan is an essential tool for your business. Companies with a clear marketing plan, that regularly measure their efforts, see 60% faster growth than those without a marketing plan. Developing a digital marketing plan will help you identify what makes your business unique and how to get your message out to your audiences through a variety of digital channels. An in-depth and detailed approach to laying out your digital marketing strategy can reveal new opportunities and expand your reach. What you will learn:

  • The key components to a digital strategy
  • Asking the right questions to guide success
  • Positioning yourself in the marketplace
  • Creating a strategic marketing plan that achieves visibility, engagement, and conversions in a crowded marketplace

Download the full presentation here.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions for our webinar series – we’d love to hear them!