Digital Marketing Privacy Updates for B2B

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With more and more information being stored digitally, privacy while online has never been more important. New policies like the privacy iOS 15 update on Apple products and Google’s privacy update, users’ information is safer, but our job as search marketers gets harder. In this post, you’ll find information on how these privacy updates affect digital marketing tactics, particularly for B2B paid search marketing.

The Digital Revolution

The internet is an amazing and vast tool. We can buy just about anything imaginable with the touch of a few buttons. When shopping on the internet started, so did data collection, which led to Remarketing campaigns. Those are the ads that seemingly follow you around everywhere, which is sort of the point. These ads keep products top-of-mind, and they typically work because people don’t always want to purchase the product right away. Seeing the ads after they’ve moved on with their browsing keeps the products visible to consumers, thus leading to more purchases.

Other data can also be collected based on online activity and digital cookies, such as parental status, activity interests, employment status, etc. Advertisers can’t access personal information such as your name or address, but targeting based on characteristics can get hyper-specific. Cue the need for more security. Updates like privacy iOS 15 and Google’s privacy update are getting stricter to protect your online footprint, but how does that affect our paid marketing efforts?

What it Means for B2B Marketers

With search marketing audiences catered toward more B2C products and third-party cookies getting phased out within the next year, how do we adapt? We can start utilizing first-party audiences in a couple of different ways:

  1. Targeted Email Lists: By using targeted email lists, we can create custom audiences and reach people with higher intent.
  2. Similar Audiences: This technique helps expand audiences if they are too small to serve, or if we want to reach people with similar characteristics.

Expand To Social Media

When people think of social media marketing, it’s usually thought of as a tool to drive brand awareness. However, with digital marketing privacy updates, social media provides us with a creative outlet for bottom-of-the-funnel marketing. Through paid social, it’s easy to create retargeting audiences based on interaction with your other posts or who has visited pages on your website from other channels. Different platforms can be used effectively when used in tandem. Microsoft Ads allows the use of LinkedIn profile attributes, which is a big advantage.


Hopefully, this article helps prepare you a little better for the major shift coming up because of the digital marketing privacy updates, but if you have any questions or want more information, contact us at Top Floor! We’d be happy to strategize with you!