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Finding the right candidate is tricky to say the least. Not only does the candidate need the right certifications, experience, and educational level, but on top of that you have to find someone that will fit into the culture of your organization. Overall, it’s nothing less than a headache (even for the best HR professionals). To make matters worse, you may only have a few quality resumes to choose from.

Just as if you were trying to collect new leads, posting your services only on your website probably will not do the trick to see the results you’re looking for and the same goes for recruitment. To make sure more qualified individuals are sending in their resume, they have to know that you’re hiring. How many times have we purchased something that we didn’t know we needed until we kept seeing ads for it? You never know when there may be someone who doesn’t know they want a new job until your business comes up on their screen. This is where digital marketing comes in.

Boosted Posts

Sure an organic social media post about a job opening may get you a few resumes, but those followers are probably watching your website for openings anyway. What about throwing a few dollars behind it on a Facebook boosted post? Boosted posts are an inexpensive way to target as narrow as industry, employers, or even job title. If you know what your ideal candidate looks like, let Facebook help you find them. Take it a step further with a full recruitment ad campaign.

LinkedIn Job Ads

Using LinkedIn for recruitment purposes is an obvious choice. However, you might not find your ideal blue collar worker on LinkedIn. On the other hand, if your job opening is for someone who may be an active LinkedIn member, you have a few choices in your arsenal. Job posting ads allow you to get in front of users who fit the description of what you’re looking for. Make sure your ads are creative and allow them to show the culture of your company. This will attract not only someone to fill a position, but a long-term employee who will want to grow within your company. Sponsored content or Sponsored InMail are other routes you could take to target specific industries, companies, job titles, etc. to get in front of the right candidates in a different way.

Google for Jobs

You may have already seen this on google, but if not, Google search for “manufacturing jobs milwaukee, WI” and you will see a sample. Google has now integrated with a number of job board sites and will pull related job openings right into search results. This is a simple, free solution to get a few more eyes on your listings. A surefire way to guarantee Google is seeing your job listings is to integrate your website with Google.

These are a few solutions to get your feet wet with the idea of putting more of a strategy behind your recruitment efforts. Depending on your business size you may want to try a mix of all 3 or take some of these tactics to an even higher level.

PS: Yes, you’re going to have to put some of your marketing budget behind these tactics, but isn’t finding the right employee worth it? A good place to start is a small meeting between HR & Marketing and other managers as needed to decide on priorities.

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