How Conversion-Centric Design Elevated Results for Arlington Plating

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Elevating results is more than just a tagline to us – it’s what we do every day. Our latest client taking their marketing program to the next level is Arlington Plating. By leveraging principles of conversion-centric design, Arlington Plating has achieved some seriously impressive results.

About Arlington Plating

Arlington Plating Company is a metal plating and finishing company based in Palatine, Illinois. The company serves a variety of industry icons from various markets including the motorcycle, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, medical and industrial markets.

We’ve had the privilege of working with them for many years with programs and projects in search engine optimization, pay-per-click, email marketing, web development, and social media.

The Challenge: Taking Conversions to the Next Level

Although Arlington Plating Company was pleased with the conversions they were seeing from their website, the SEO team at Top Floor wanted to shake up the conversion plateau and explore opportunities to generate even more leads. The challenge was to implement conversion-centric navigation changes that would be captivating, intuitive and successful.

Whenever there are changes to a site’s navigation, there are always concerns over how audiences will respond and what effects it could have on certain metrics. The only way to mitigate the potential dangers is through calculated research, strategic planning and intelligent risk-taking.

Planning and Projections

SEO paired up with Design to take on this challenge and coordinate on desired results and best practices. Based on technical research, deep dives in analytics and some creative concepting, the two teams came up with a collaborative strategy and a corresponding action plan.

When comparing data against the same time period last year, we projected 15-20% increases in pageviews to conversion-centric pages and similar growth in actual conversions. When comparing data to the previous 2-month time span, we anticipated a 10% increase in the same metrics. What actually happened was remarkably different.

Below, we explain some of the changes we made and why, as well as the results it produced.

The Primary Tactic: Sticky Navigation Changes

Previously, the sticky navigation (navigation that stays “pinned” to the top while the user scrolls down the page) mirrored the full navigation of the main site. We decided to create a unique, conversion-centric sticky navigation that offered different options than the primary navigation the user sees on the page.

The different options we implemented on the sticky navigation were designed to better aid users at early steps in the buyers’ journey. A couple options we featured were the newly created photo gallery and video gallery. These additions were designed to draw users deeper into the site, while showcasing the company’s unique capabilities and industry expertise. The photo and video galleries were also included to help influence, persuade and assure users that selecting Arlington Plating Company over the competition was the right choice.

Instead of keeping the existing “Contact Us” Call to Action on the sticky navigation, we changed the text to “Ask the Experts”. This change was designed to be more specific and appealing to users.

We also included a second Call to Action, “Get Started FAST!”, which was created to be captivating and immediate gratification-driven. “Get Started FAST!” was included for users who had crossed over the on-the-fence stage, and were ready to move forward with a project quote.

Here are the results that followed…

Comparing Data to the Same Time Last Year

  • 125.84% increase in total site conversions
  • 33.56% increase in Contact page/Ask the Experts pageviews
  • 53.70% increase in Conversions from the Contact/Ask the Experts page
  • 125.58% increase in RFQ/Get Started Fast pageviews
  • 251.72% increase in conversions from the RFQ Page/Get Started Fast page

Comparing Data to the Previous Period

  • 64.75% increase in total site conversions
  • 5.88% increase in Contact page pageviews
  • 48.21% increase in conversions from the Contact/Ask the Experts page
  • 65.81% increase in RFQ/Get Started Fast page pageviews
  • 72.88% increase in conversions from the RFQ/Get Started Fast page

What’s Next for Arlington Plating Company

Arlington Plating Company is beyond thrilled with the renewed energy and huge conversion boosts we’re seeing through the website. After seeing such powerful results, we are already working through some new strategies to amp up the results they’re seeing across all areas of digital marketing.

We’re excited to see how Arlington Plating Company’s metrics continue to explode, particularly their conversions!