Creating the Best Content for Category Pages


Have you ever wondered, “how do I get the best content on my category pages without taking away from the products themselves?” There have been many different suggestions that have been made over time about this question, ranging from having a minimum word count to proper headings. Many of these suggestions have been true and helpful for creating the best content for your category pages, but there is one that doesn’t have a set suggestion. That is that you must have a minimum word count within your category pages. Let’s dive further into why you may not actually need to have a minimum word count for the content on your category pages.

It depends on the Category Page

Your category page is what will control if you need more content on your page. John Mueller, from Google, recently stated in a Google Search Central SEO Office Hours chat, that there is no limit of words that a category page requires whether it is the minimum or maximum amount. 

The determining factor comes down to the information on the page and if Google is able to understand what’s on it. This is crucial and comes down to a variety of factors including one that is becoming more prevalent over time in E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness). As long as Google understands what is on the page, you could have no content other than the actual listing of the products. 

The listing of the products having descriptive names is what could possibly be that difference. For example, the product page could be about Industrial Vacuums and it would be more than enough for Google as long as there were Industrial Vacuums listed on that page.

Category Page for Industrial Vaccuums

How do I know if I have the best content for my Category Pages?

There are a couple of easy ways that we have broken out below that could be great ways to see if you are providing enough information to Google on what your category page is about:

  • Content Audit: review your content on the page whether it is the product listings themselves or the minimal content that is already on your Category pages
  • Review Keyword Rankings on Category pages
  • Contact Top Floor for recommendations to optimize your category pages

As you can see, there are a variety of ways for you to ensure you aren’t losing any traffic to your category pages. Top Floor has been working with clients for over 20 years and can help you most importantly with ensuring all aspects of your website are covered.