How C. H. Coakley Achieved Triple Digit Improvements in Conversion Rates

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Elevating results is more than just a tagline to us – it’s what we do every day.  Our latest client taking their marketing program to the next level is C.H. Coakley. Through strategic SEO and content development, C.H. Coakley has achieved some seriously impressive results!

About C.H. Coakley

C.H. Coakley is a domestic and international coordinator of business solutions. Their primary revenue driver is corporate relocation — however, they also specialize in 3PL solutions, records management, portable storage and other business solutions relating to logistics, storage, etc.

C. H. Coakley serves businesses of all sizes, as well as libraries, schools/universities, medical clinics/hospitals, warehouses, government agencies and more.

The Challenge: Increasing Qualified Leads

C.H. Coakley knew their digital marketing program was a critical factor in driving qualified traffic and leads – but they wanted to up their game.

The Top Floor team met with C.H. Coakley’s marketing department to understand their most important revenue drivers.

Once C.H. Coakley’s key services and targeted growth areas were solidified, the Top Floor team got to work. Armed with Google Analytics intel, keyword research, and search trend data, our SEO and Content Marketing teams worked collaboratively to identify the fastest and most effective tactics to drive more qualified leads.

How We Elevated Results

The team’s analysis revealed some major opportunities, particularly on C.H. Coakley’s homepage. Previously, the homepage contained limited content that search engines could crawl and attribute value to.

Our team developed new SEO-driven homepage content consisting of approximately 500 words, highlighting the most important aspects of C.H. Coakley’s business. We leveraged the content in a way that was friendly to both users and search engines.

These changes contributed to an immediate and significant spike in traffic and conversions – and results are continuing to grow.

By the Numbers: A Look at Site Performance


Since making these changes, we’ve seen the following effects on conversions within a 2 month period (compared to the previous 2 months):

  • 115% increase in conversions from organic search traffic
  • 100% increase in conversions from organic search traffic — on just the homepage

Looking at year-over-year results (to control for seasonality), the results were just as strong:

  • 75% increase in conversions from organic search traffic
  • 128% increase in conversions from organic search traffic — on just the homepage

What’s Next for C.H. Coakley

We’re looking forward to seeing C.H. Coakley’s results continue to climb as we track performance, monitor rankings, and make adjustments that align with their changing goals.

C.H. Coakley has a strong mindset of continuous improvement – so we expect to have more successes to share soon!