What Does Content Marketing Have to Do With SEO Anyway?

Content | SEO

In successful digital strategies, content marketing and SEO are integrated efforts. While there are certainly differentiating factors in both disciplines, there is also a lot of overlap.  While SEO is a narrower and more technical practice, compared to the broader and more holistic approach of content marketing, successful content marketing requires SEO support and SEO endeavors are made possible through content marketing. Let’s take a look at how these two digital marketing strategies intermingle.

On-Site Content That Moves A User Through The Funnel Means Higher Engagement

Approaching your static website content as a tool to move users through the buying process means a more engaged audience, and one that is more likely to convert. Higher converting audiences that are spending more time on your site are not only sending more leads to your door, but they’re also giving search engines a ton of positive signals.

Active Keyword Research Supports Content Ideation

Looking at content ideation from a keyword research perspective helps you find the topics your audience is actively seeking out and gives you the tools to serve it to them in the most relevant terms. Understanding the nomenclature used most by your audience will also help you create meaningful content that attracts high engagement levels.

Active Content Creation Wins Long Tail Keywords

In content marketing, consistent output is essential in a winning strategy. Keeping your website’s content fresh and updated will ensure that content is rapidly indexed. In addition, by staying on top of current industry trends creating the content your audience is searching for, you’ll win a wide range of long tail searches naturally. When you’ve supported your content with keyword research in the ideation phase, you’ll be set up for success.

Active Outreach Builds a Healthy Link Community

Links to your website from high authority, relevant domains do wonders for your website’s SEO value. The path to a strong link profile is through great content marketing. The best way to build these links is by creating unique and relevant content and helping those domains to become aware of it and link back to it.  If you’re successful in your outreach efforts, you’ll be successful in building a healthy link community and great increases in traffic.

Great content marketers should be well versed in SEO, and great SEOs should know content marketing. The two disciplines are not entirely separate and digital marketing professionals should understand the importance each one plays in the other’s success. If your SEO and content marketing efforts are disjointed, it’s time to bring the two together. Be smart; elevate results.

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