Tap Into Sales for Content Creation

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Salespeople are an integral part of any organization. They generate leads, manage relationships, and help ensure the company continually generates revenue. They are also on the front line with most companies’ end-users. Because of that, they can be an excellent resource for expanding the content on your website.

Most web pages list the products specifications and features, which is very important. But Google is rewarding sites that have more in-depth content – making it critical to go beyond just “the basics” and add deeper insights to your pages or blog.

That’s where your sales staff can be an excellent resource.

Answering the Customer’s Questions

During their course of their communication with potential customers, sales people get asked a variety of questions about the products their company offers:

  • What separates your equipment from your competition?
  • How long will we be able to use the product before needing to replace it?
  • Is it difficult to get replacement parts quickly?
  • Can anyone service this equipment?
  • Is the product compatible with X?

This insight gained through these questions is very valuable because it helps you better understand what the customer wants to know about your products rather than relying on assumptions. By answering some of these common questions, you will be able to build content that you know will appeal to your target audience.

Great Content Can Lead to Improved Performance & Revenue

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, identifies the Virginia-based in-ground pool company, River Pools, as a prime example of how effectively this tactic can be. River Pools’ owner, Marcus Sheridan, tracked every question his customers asked and then wrote a blog post for each one.

One of the posts he created, about the cost of a fiberglass pool, is estimated to have delivered more than $1 million in revenue, according to Pulizzi. (Source: “Epic Content Marketing“)

What’s In It for Sales?

Any good sales person would tell you it’s critical to frame their pitch in a way that helps a prospect understand “what’s in it for me?”  Trying to convince sales to assist with your content creation efforts is no different.

A few key benefits of quality content you could highlight:

*         Ability to leverage the website more effectively as a sales tool

*         Improved lead generation capabilities – meaning a fuller pipeline for them

*         Opportunity to build their personal brand by authoring blogs that demonstrate thought leadership

*         Increased brand awareness and differentiation from the competition

Partnering with Your Sales Reps

The next time you are struggling to come up with new content ideas, try reaching out to sales and picking their brains. Be a fly on the wall at pipeline review meetings to hear the challenges they’re facing.  Or better yet, do a ride-along. You never know what insights – and new content ideas – will result.