Considering eCommerce for B2B Manufacturers

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With 75% of B2B product purchases being made online, B2B eCommerce for Manufacturers has been a hot topic in the industrial world. Buyers in the B2B space are expecting their consumer purchasing habits to translate over to the manufacturing world. They are wanting all the information upfront with a simple way to buy.

Your B2B Buyer is Changing

In a nutshell, the B2B manufacturing buyer has changed. There are several reasons for this and this could open up an entire conversation about millennial buyers in the manufacturing space, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Historically, B2B sellers wanted to interact with their customers to create a fully engaged sales process with the buyer. This involved showcasing a small amount of information on a website, then requiring a customer to reach out to customer service in order to purchase. Now, buyers want all the information upfront: product details, dimensions, inventory, order history, photos, everything. They are wanting the information in a fast and convenient way, and preferably, something they can buy at the drop of a hat…. *Enter eCommerce websites* 

B2B eCommerce for Manufacturers

According to 2021 data from The Manufacturing eCommerce Benchmark Report, of the 42% of manufacturers who have implemented an eCommerce strategy, over half of the overall revenue was driven from online sales.

Although this involves heavy lifting, there are several benefits to B2B eCommerce for manufacturers:

  • Frees up your sales team to spend time on more complex and custom orders
  • Creates ease for customers
  • Ability to upsell within the website (“You also may like…”)
  • Opens up opportunities for online ads (Google Shopping or Social Media Remarketing for example)
  • Allows products to individually rank in search results

Infographic showing reasons to use eCommerce in Manufacturing

If digital marketing is something completely new for your business, eCommerce may be daunting. Take a look at our eCommerce solutions and reach out. We’d love to help you navigate your way to your fresh eCommerce website.

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