Common Mistakes on B2B Websites – Part 2

Design & Development

How many times have you visited a Website and struggled to understand the purpose of the site or how you might take a next step of engagement?  Perhaps it’s an issue of misguided content, poor navigation, a phone number that’s next to impossible to find, cumbersome contact forms, or more.  In too many cases, businesses make it difficult for their Website visitors to engage with them and suffer the consequences of poor online conversion. Common Mistake 2 – Lack of Clear, Compelling Calls to Action Throughout your Website, you need to do more than simply provide content; you need to guide your site visitors through a logical process toward a successful outcome.  Conversion doesn’t just happen – it needs to be strategically planned.  From each section of your Website, visitors should be able to readily answer the question “what now?”  Once they have read about your products, services, or capabilities; they should be presented with relevant action triggers.  Nearly every page of your Website should be leveraged as a conversion opportunity.  Don’t assume that all visitors will elect to visit your Contact Us page of their own accord to take a step of engagement.   Use on-page calls to action throughout your Website.  Consider calls to action such as:

  • Request a Quote
  • Ask a Question
  • Download a White Paper
  • Read a Case Study
  • Add to Cart
  • Find a Dealer
  • Sign up for our Newsletter
  • Etc …

The list could go on, but the primary point is this – give your users tangible steps of engagement throughout your Website.  If they are reading about a specific expertise or capability, invite them to download a client case study speaking to the benefits of your capabilities applied to a real-world situation.  If you’re a contract manufacturer, invite your site visitors to send their prints to you for quote.  A good call to action is relevant, easily noticeable and track-able. Here’s a good example:  Notice how the site presents visitors with easy, relevant  steps of engagement: request a quote, an on page quick question form, a downloadable ISO certificate, a catalog download button, and (last but not least) a prominent placement of the phone number in the upper right.  If a user wishes to take a next step, they don’t need to think to determine a means of engagement.  They don’t need to visit a separate contact page.  They don’t need to hunt for a phone number.  Compare this with the company’s former Website on at  Which page do you think has a better chance of converting visitors? It’s time to re-evaluate our Websites, page-by-page, and ask ourselves what can be done to stimulate conversion throughout our Web touch points.  What can be done to generate more leads, deeper engagement, and (ultimately) more sales.   Have you made any specific site improvements aimed at emboldening calls to action?  If so, I’d love to hear about your strategies and the subsequent results.