AI & Social Media: A Winning Combination

person typing with AI symbols

Over the past few years,  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer for social media, shaking up traditional marketing strategies, especially in the B2B space. Even though it can feel overwhelming, think of it as a user-friendly guide that’s helping businesses connect with their audiences more personally. 

AI can be used in tailoring content, making ads more precise, and streamlining how businesses engage with customers. For B2B marketers, this means more efficient and personalized campaigns that feel less like marketing and more like a friendly chat. Taking advantage of the power of AI in social media can help businesses create more meaningful connections with their target audience while instilling confidence and trust. 

Content Ideation

As a social media manager, creating accurate and impactful copy for every post can be daunting. Enter AI. Using tools like ChatGPT or Gemini to create post copy based on prompts can alleviate a lot of the leg work, and even encourage different angles you may not have considered. AI can also help come up with impactful headlines, keywords, imagery, and hashtags to include.

When going this route, always remember to customize the AI-generated content to use your company’s voice and specifications to ensure the information is accurate and realistic. Utilizing these resources as a jumping-off point frees up time for your business to focus on other marketing strategies. 

Example Prompt: Please write copy for a LinkedIn post based on the information on this event page: Make sure to include important things to expect at the event.

A/B Testing

Along those same lines, AI can be a fantastic resource for generating ideas to use in email campaigns to test against one another. 

A few Ideas:

  • Subject lines: Ask AI to generate a list of subject lines based on your criteria
  • Copy within the email itself: AI is great at generating copy based on tone of voice. For example, you could ask it to write copy with a professional tone versus a friendly tone to test in campaigns.
  • Call-to-Action Ideas: Try asking AI to create a few compelling CTA options to test.

AI and Social Media Ad Platforms

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more social platforms embracing the power of AI. Last fall, LinkedIn launched a new feature called Accelerate, which aims to help businesses streamline their advertising process on the platform. It includes features such as streamlined campaign setup, automated ad placements, right-time optimization, budget control, and advanced audience insights. As AI continues to be at the forefront of many marketing strategies, many other platforms and tools are embracing what it can do. 

Enhancing Your Social Pages

One way that AI can be very beneficial for social media is by enhancing your business (and personal) pages on LinkedIn. With over 221 million users in the US alone – it is the place to be for business connections, awareness, and engagement. An updated and clear profile page builds trust with your audience while highlighting your expertise. 

We recommend using a tool like CareerFlow which is a Google Chrome extension to analyze your LinkedIn profile and look for areas of improvement. Once you know where you need to improve, you can use tools like ChatGPT or others to help with ideas.

Areas to consider looking at:

  • Profile photo & banner
  • Headline
  • About section
  • Experience (for personal pages)
  • Skills, endorsements, and recommendations (for personal pages)
  • Interests (for personal pages)

LI checklist

Combining the power of AI with social media marketing has undeniably revolutionized the landscape for B2B marketers. Instead of viewing AI as a daunting force, consider the benefits such as enhanced personalization, content creation opportunities, advanced predictive analytics, and more. Familiarizing yourself with AI’s potential will help facilitate more personalized and efficient connections with your target audience. If you have any questions about how Top Floor is approaching AI in social media, please reach out