38 Questions to Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Putting together a marketing plan is a challenge most businesses struggle with. The key to creating a winning digital marketing plan is to start by asking the right questions. Before you can define your marketing strategy for the year, it is important to ask yourself these questions.

  1. What are our quarterly, one-year and three-year goals? What results do we expect? What are our sales and revenue goals? What key metrics will we use to determine success?
  2. What is our competitive advantage? How are we unique?
  3. Why should anyone choose to do business with us over everyone else in our market space?
  4. What are our areas of expertise?
  5. What is our unique value (or selling) proposition?
  6. What value do we provide to our clients/customers?
  7. What specific benefits do our customers receive?
  8. What problems do we solve for our potential customers?
  9. What needs/wants do we meet for our customers?
  10. What hurts do we help heal?
  11. What value do you really bring that benefits your market
  12. What is our target market? What is in our niche? Who needs what we offer? Our Primary Target Market is… Our Secondary Target Market is… Our Tertiary Target Market is…
  13. What percent of our target market is aware of us?
  14. Who are our ideals customers?
  15. Who are our top 30 (or 50 or 100) prospective clients/customers?
  16. How will your market become aware of your business?
  17. How will your market come to trust that you have the answers?
  18. What are the people in our target market writing about on message boards and forums?
  19. What magazines and books are they reading?
  20. What topics are being addressed in what they’re reading?
  21. What topics are being discussed at their conferences?
  22. What resource gaps and constraints do you need to overcome to achieve your strategy?
  23. What has worked / hasn’t worked in the past?
  24. What have been your biggest holdbacks last year?
  25. What were the key accomplishments last year?
  26. What are the goals for the next year? Next 5 years?
  27. Who are your key competitors and how do you stack up?
  28. Review target marketing and personas
  29. What are your target audience challenges and pain points?
  30. Review your sales approach and how marketing can better integrate with sales efforts
  31. Identify any untapped opportunities and new marketing objectives
  32. What will your marketing budget be for next year?
  33. What tactics are we going to use this month? This quarter? This year?
  34. When we will we use these tactics (calendar)
  35. Who will be responsible to execute these tactics?
  36. How much money will your plan require?
  37. What’s available to execute your plan? Internal/external/time/talent/resources
  38. What’s our plan for this year?

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