Blogger’s Block Be Gone: 12 Ideas for Your Next Post


If you’re a content marketer, you’ve probably experienced blogger’s block at one point or another.  What do I write about?  What is even left to say?  Why is that blinking cursor taunting me?

We’ve got you covered. Here are 12 suggestions to get those creative wheels turning.

1. Riff on an industry event

Has your team attended any interesting conferences or presentations lately?  Share the highlights or your “lessons learned” with your audience.

2. Play devil’s advocate

When you come across another piece of content that didn’t quite tell the whole story, or that you may have a different opinion on… blog about it and link back to the original.  (This can be a great way to get some dialogue going!)

3. Rinse, reuse, recycle

Think of ways to make the most of content you’ve already produced. Maybe you put work into building an ebook, a slide deck, or talking points for your sales team — milk that for all it’s worth! Look for opportunities to break other pieces of content into blog-sized chunks or share in a new format.

4. Keep it culturally relevant

What’s hot right now in pop culture and the media?  Take something trendy, and make an analogy to what you do.  This takes some creativity, but can be incredibly effective.
A few examples for inspiration:

5. Answer your own questions

What things do you wonder about your industry?  Do some research, and write the blog you’d want to read!

6. Share the “best of”

Curate top content that your audience might enjoy.  Best of lists might include:

  • The top blogs you’ve read in the past month (with links, of course!)
  • Who to follow from your industry on social media and why
  • Top apps and productivity resources you can recommend
  • Your top X performing blogs of all time

7. Bust a myth

What do people not understand about your industry, product/service, or company? In every line of work, there are plenty of “well known” things that just aren’t true. Set the record straight on your blog!

8. Share a client success story

Which of your clients has done something innovative or noteworthy?  Tell the story!
A word of caution here — just make sure this feels like a story and not a thinly veiled commercial for your company. Think “proud parent” vs. 60-second ad spot in the tone.

9. Share a failure

Walk your readers through what you tried, what went wrong, and what you learned. This kind of authenticity takes some cojones, but stories of failure can be among the most educational pieces of content.

10. Consult your site search

See what information people are looking for on your site by consulting your site search.  You can view this in Google Analytics by going to Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms.
For example, a recent look at Top Floor’s analytics revealed “calculating ROI,” “mobile advertising,” and “negative keywords” have been recent site search terms.  These are now on our blog topics list for Q1!

11. Interview an expert

Find a thought leader — whether inside or outside your company — and interview them on a topic.  Share as a video, a transcript, a list of highlights, or all of the above.

12. Keep a notebook

The best blog ideas don’t always come when staring at a blank white page in Microsoft Word. Keep an “ideas notebook” near you (or start a list on your phone) to capture those moments when your muse bestows inspiration upon you — whether that’s exercising, napping, reading, eating, or whatever other activity gets your creativity flowing.

What helps you come up with blog topics?

How do you generate ideas and keep your content fresh?  What tips would you add to this list?  Let us know in the comments!