B2B Email Marketing For Manufacturing Companies: 4 Tips to Generate Leads


By now, we are all aware of the effects the pandemic has had on communication over the past year. As in-person meetings and public events plummeted, virtual conversations became the norm. Pivoting to more email marketing for manufacturing companies is a fail-safe way to reach many of those working from home. People use their phones non-stop and check their emails multiple times a day. After all, the email inbox has become the gateway to not only an individual’s interests but also to their social and business life. Engaging audiences through email is a marketing strategy worth implementing. Here are 4 ways email marketing can help B2B manufacturers generate leads.

1. Reach Previous Connections.

Email is an unobtrusive way to communicate with people that have previously connected with your company. Previous connections could have been at a tradeshow or a request for more information through the company’s website. A well-crafted manufacturer email template can remind recipients about the company’s products, and provide an easy way for them to contact you.

2. Simplify The Lead Generation Process.

With the power of email automation, the process for generating leads is simplified and provides the ability to increase lead generation efforts. With the right manufacturer email template, email marketing for manufacturing companies can take minimal effort and offer a substantial return on investment. 

3 Showcase Industry Expertise.

An excellent way to showcase industry expertise is yes, you’ve guessed it! Through email marketing. The marketing channel allows you to communicate industry knowledge to your audience, and become recognized as an industry leader to help generate leads. B2B customers often conduct thorough research and base purchase decisions off logical and rational thinking. Having your industry knowledge shine through on your emails can help make their purchase decision a breeze. 

4. Communicate Consistently

The buyer journey for B2B buyers can take months due to the amount of research performed before making a purchase. Email marketing for manufacturing companies provides a way to consistently communicate with an audience over a long period of time. Through continuous email communication, your company is sure to come to mind when they’re ready to make a purchase decision.

An effective manufacturer email template incorporates micro conversion points such as downloading a whitepaper, along with macro conversion points such as requesting a free sample. These conversion points can help generate interest and convert leads.

Once your initial efforts are in place, the amount of work to maintain your email marketing strategy is completely manageable. Email is a marketing strategy worth implementing, as it can be a top channel to generate leads and revenue. 

If you need help building or improving your email marketing strategy, Top Floor can help. We have supported other manufacturing companies in implementing email marketing to generate more leads for their business. Contact us to learn more.