B2B Digital Customer Experience Trends

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Customer experience continues to reign supreme as a competitive differentiator. In fact, 85% of business buyers regard the experience a company provides as important as their product or services*. Since digital engagement is here to stay, it is imperative that manufacturers incorporate a digital customer experience strategy into their overall growth strategy. Doing so can help build positive relationships with customers, leading to more sales and repeat business. Continue reading for the top digital customer experience trends manufacturers need to know.

Easy Website Navigation

Engineers, managers, and other B2B buyers have become accustomed to easy website navigation from the brands they engage with personally. These same expectations are brought to the workplace when researching potential suppliers. Manufacturers should include a FAQ page or knowledge center so information and support are easy to find. These pages help manufacturers engage with people early in their buying journey, keep customer service reps free, and prevent time-consuming searching causing people to leave the website without considering buying. 

Product Configuration & eCommerce

Providing product information such as specifications, pricing, and inventory levels plays a crucial role when B2B buyers are evaluating suppliers. The combination of providing product details with eCommerce capabilities creates an engaging and intuitive experience that ultimately drives buying conversions.

Every digital customer experience strategy should include e-Commerce, here’s why: Buyers don’t want to wait! They want all the information upfront and want to buy without delay. Manufacturers that require people to request a quote or contact them for more information could risk losing business to competitors that allow B2B buyers to purchase online, at their convenience. 


An excellent way for manufacturers to enhance their B2B digital customer experience is to publish videos on their website, social media pages, and email campaigns. Utilizing video allows audiences to learn more about a brand, its products, and even its facility in an easy-to-digest format. This can help reduce the time B2B buyers spend researching a manufacturer and can speed up the buying process.

Manufacturers need to focus on elevating their digital customer experience strategy, in order to support the needs of B2B buyers and their changing buying behavior. Creating an exceptional b2b digital customer experience can help manufacturers reap the rewards of acquiring new customers and earning repeat business. 

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*Data from State of the Connected Customer