‘About This Result’ expanded within Google SERP


When you are searching for the best running shoe out there or even for a place to get a massage, you will see a variety of results that will best fit the results that you are looking for. The question is though, do you ever wonder why those results show on page one of your Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page)? There are a variety of factors that go into the rankings, but now Google is showing a certain listing of results of why a certain website is being displayed. The average searcher may not care what is offered, but to SEOs and marketers, it offers a unique insight into which ranking factors went into a certain page showing up on a SERP. Let’s dive into what is now being shown within the expanded ‘About this Result’ display.

Expanded ‘About this Result’

The ‘About this Result’ window is showcased in the sandwich clickable element next to each URL that appears on the SERP. There was some previous information shown, such as the content source, if the website connection was secure and the physical URL itself. Now, Google is rolling out an addition that includes information regarding ‘Your Search & this Result’. 

The expanded window (seen in the image below) showcases the search terms, the language of the result, relevancy, and that related URLs link to the site. The small amount of information provided may not seem like a lot, but the search terms it may appear for are a huge advantage for SEOs and marketers alike. This information can help determine what the intent of the search was and how that can be used to your advantage when putting together title tags, meta descriptions, and H1s for pages on your site.

about this result example

Overall, this panel offers a look into how Google determines relevance on a per-result basis. 

The expansion has been pushed out in the last couple of weeks and is eligible for a certain percentage of users currently. This capability will gradually roll out to everyone in the U.S. as their plan for a wider rollout will happen over the coming months. 

This tool is a great way to further your keyword research and looks like there are only going to be improvements to the tool as time passes by. Have any further questions on the additional features available on the Google SERP? Contact Top Floor to see how we can help with your keyword research and metadata.