6 Tips For Redefining Your B2B Manufacturing Strategy

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The beginning of a new year is an exciting time and the perfect time to re-evaluate your B2B manufacturing marketing strategy. Redefining goals and updating your digital marketing tactics will be essential to build your lead generation over the year. We have put together 6 tips to get started on your redefined B2B manufacturing marketing strategy to boost qualified leads to your site.

1. Review Your B2B Manufacturing Website

Industrial digital marketing is always evolving and it’s important your website also moves with the trends. A review and update to your website are beneficial as Google does favor websites that are updated often because it can be a sign of credibility. When looking at updating your website with big or small changes, here are a few to think about to keep your website relevant for your targeted keywords:

  • Post new blogs around relevant trending or new topics
  • Use videos on your site to keep visitors on the site and improve engagement
  • Use images to make content more appealing, you could even try out infographics

2. Create Industry Focused Content for Your Site

At Top Floor, we love to create content for clients that make sense for their business but also open a door to helping customers get the information they need by understanding their challenges as well. New content should make the buyer’s experience on your site easier by directly speaking to the industry or market they are in. A simple product page will not always have the exact answer for how the product will perform in a certain industry. For example, a buyer in the Oil and Gas industry may want more specific information on how it can impact their specific work. This is where an Industry page specifically speaking to this type of buyer can help them make their buying decision easier and more informed. This new page can hold specific information to the industry including related videos, graphics, testimonials, and more.

Not only will this benefit the customer by providing more content for them to learn more about your manufacturing business, but it can help your SEO strategy as well. The more high-quality content you can provide, you are more likely to rank higher on the search engines and create credibility for your business in the eyes of Google. This can help build organic traffic and leads from your site, which is definitely worth looking into for your b2b manufacturing marketing strategy.

3. Invest in Video

We’re not the first to tell you, video marketing continues to grow. According to Cisco, by 2021 video will account for 80 percent of all internet traffic. This is a dominant form of content that is worth adding to your b2b manufacturing marketing strategy. Videos are great traffic drivers, but they have also proven to be effective in generating high-quality leads as well.

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4. Test Your Website Forms

Your website forms are essential to generating your leads and creating a user-friendly experience. You can A/B test the form on your website for small changes such and moving the fields as shown below.

testing of form on website testing of form on website

Testing the forms on your site can improve the likelihood of someone completing your form. Another way I like to review forms on websites is to compare the form experience with close competitors. Maybe there are too many steps to get to your form, maybe your form is more overwhelming than the competitors, maybe your form takes too long to load. These are all considerations I like to think about as well. 

5. Take Your B2B Manufacturing Marketing Seriously

Your business is more than just a product or service, it is a brand that you want people to remember and feel positively towards. Reviews, testimonials, to even how well your customer service flow is important to evaluate each year. These pieces can help build your brand and make you stand out from competitors. The About page on your website can be powerful in introducing yourself to the public and speaking to your mission and company goals. Although this page doesn’t directly drive new visitors via keywords or targeting, it can be the key to making buying decisions for customers wanting to learn more about you. So this is a page that should not be forgotten in your b2b manufacturing marketing.

6. Use Advanced Marketing Analytics to Measure Success

A frequent question for digital marketers is how the new tactics and efforts will impact the ROI. When looking to see how your projects or tactics are impacting your ROI, its all about the quality leads you are generating. Google Analytics is the best analytics tool to find the most nitty-gritty information about your website. Although Google Analytics can be intimidating at first, it is the key to reporting your success. 


If you are looking to move beyond the basic metrics, Top Floor can help. We are able to help our clients report on what’s most important to them with fully custom reports with written summaries to help understand the performance and metrics each month. If you have any questions or are looking for a partner in marketing your company, contact us

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