6 Handy Google Analytics Reports


If we’re not rooted in our Google Analytics every day, the data is overwhelming. Knowing what to look for and how to read the data we are looking at is challenging at best. With the small amount of time most marketers have to to take a look at their analytics, here are a few reports I’d recommend checking out.

Before we begin, it’s critical to check your date ranges. Based on your business you may want to look at month-over-month or year-over-year data. No matter which date range you choose, I’d almost always recommend some comparison to give yourself a benchmark.

Mobile Performance Report

(Audience > Mobile>Overview)

This report is especially useful since Google’s Mobile First Index. If your number of users and goal completions has decreased, or if your bounce rate has increased, you may want to take a look at optimizing your mobile site experience.

Landing Pages Report

(Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages)

This one is almost like a “one-stop-shop.” This shows the number of visitors that entered your website through a specific page. You’ll be able to see how many pages a user visited while on your website, how long they spent on your website, any new visitors you received, bounce rate, and the number of conversions your landing page had.

Traffic Acquisition Report

(Acquisition > Overview)

Take a look at where your website traffic is actually coming from! This dashboard provides a high-level overview of how users are arriving at your website and their actions they are taking after they arrive. This report shows a nice list of your traffic sources (referral, direct, social, etc.). You can dive deeper into each one of these segments to get even more information about how users arrived at your website.

Conversions Report

(Conversions > Goals > Overview)

Because what is a website even for if it doesn’t convert into leads? Other than taking a look at the actual number of conversions that were generated on your website, look at the goal conversion rate. This is the number of conversions on your website divided by the number of users that visited your site. This is especially useful data after you’ve launched a brand new website.

Campaign Performance Report

(Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns)

See the how the digital campaigns you are running are performing in comparison to one another. You’ll see the full breakdown of users, the number of sessions, bounce rate, session duration, and conversions from each campaign.

Page Timings Report

(Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings)

With mobilegeddon upon us, site speed is more crucial than ever – both on desktop and mobile. The page timings report lets you see individual page speed across your website allowing you to clear up what pages may need help more than others when it comes to site speed.