6 Content Ideas for Social Media

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All too often what our clients struggle the most with for social media is what to post. They know the importance of having social media as part of their overall marketing plan, but they are unsure of where to find enough content month after month. I’ve put together a list for you of some ideas to get you started!

First, before you even think about what to post, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Think “if I were to follow my company on social media, what would I expect to see?” It may even be a good idea to talk to any customers you are close with and see what they think. Too often I see companies telling me only about the products and services they sell. Odds are, if I’m following you on social media, I already have a good idea of what you have to offer. Of course, new products and special offers are a different story!

Idea #1: A behind-the-scenes look

Company culture posts have a proven track record of getting amazing engagement on social media. Your customers like to see the people that work for your company and what makes your company special. This could be anything from company outings to an employee’s new puppy!

Idea #2: What you are working on

This could be a tech in the shop working on a product for a customer, a service tech out in the field, or one of your products in use after selling it to your customer. This post should not be written as though you are trying to sell to your customers, but rather showing what your capable of gets your followers thinking “hmm I could use that product.”

Idea #3: FAQs

Your social media pages exist as an extra resource for your followers. Use it as an opportunity to educate them about your product, service, and company. This could be in the form of a “did you know” post or “one question we always receive is…”

Idea #4: Fun quotes

Based on your business and company culture, it’s fun to post different quotes (formatted as images). Quotes evoke mixed feelings in your customers that will make them want to engage with your content and hopefully share it with their friends!

Idea #5: Tips

Similar to FAQs, industry tips can also be used to educate your customers. They not only get great engagement, but they show your customers you are always there to help whether it’s directly related to your product or service, or just the topic as a whole.

Idea #6: Encourage conversation

After you’re noticing some engagement on your posts, it’s time to try and get more comments. There are a few ways to incorporate this – trivia, posing product questions, or asking about customer pain points.
I hope these gave you some new ideas to get you started!