5 Challenges In Digital Marketing For Manufacturers

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When it comes to digital marketing for manufacturers the industry has been historically slow to adapt. Being from a time when digital technology was in the early stages, it is only natural that the manufacturing industry would inherit some challenges. Some of these have simple solutions and others require more time and expertise. This blog post will cover 5 marketing challenges for manufacturers that we see today and how to overcome them.

1. Building an Email List

Purchasing an email list is usually not the best idea since there are no guarantees the contacts will have any interest in your product or service. Without having a prior connection with your business, recipients are less likely to engage with you and most likely to flag your emails as spam, which can affect your company’s reputation. Instead, think about creating meaningful content that targets the type of customers you wish to do business with. Then build landing pages with opt-in forms for website visitors to exchange their contact information for your content.

2. Outdated Tools & Technology

Today many manufacturers may not have the right tools in place to develop a digital marketing strategy. The days of direct mail marketing, broadcast commercials, and Yellow Pages ads are quickly fading. Tracking of marketing performance being done through spreadsheets or on paper isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Adopting new digital tools like customer relationship management software and marketing automation platforms can help streamline the process of data collection and in turn, drive results.

3. Insufficient Content

It’s been proven that B2B customers aren’t making purchases without doing their research first. Consumers have become more self-reliant in searching for information online to help them select the right product or service. However, if searchers aren’t finding the information they want and instead are encountering confusing or poor quality content, they will surely look elsewhere. Make sure you’re creating quality content that directly answers the questions and concerns of your audience. Really think about who your target audience is, and make sure your content provides them with what they’re looking for. 

4. Outdated Website

Most buyers prefer to self-educate, research, and select suppliers on their own time. They don’t necessarily want to speak to a salesperson when they can collect information themselves. Having a user-friendly, informative website to engage visitors and bring in leads is crucial, but some manufacturers don’t have the resources or time to update their websites. In order to determine which marketing approach will yield the best results, try different techniques like A/B testing. Collecting some data as to how your website is performing will help you make informed decisions and continue to tailor your approach.

5. Lead Management 

It’s important to realize that not all leads are created equally and therefore it’s a smart idea to pursue different leads in different ways. Someone who fills out a form to download an ebook is very different from someone filling out a form to request a quote. The latter may be considered as a sales-qualified lead (SQL) who is interested in buying your product or service now without the need for more information. The former is a marketing qualified lead (MQL), someone who is interested in your product or service but needs more information before buying it.

Recognizing the difference between MQLs and SQLs is critical in turning leads into revenue. Using customer relationship management software lets you keep track of the steps your leads complete and helps you prioritize which leads to follow up with and when.

If you’re a manufacturer or in the B2B space and are currently facing any challenges with your marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to Top Floor. We have decades of expertise in digital marketing for manufacturers and B2B companies and would love to help point you in the right direction. Contact us today!