4 Tips to Improve Instagram Engagement


Instagram is a playful social media platform that provides businesses with a visual opportunity to advertise. However, maintaining a consistent, and even upward, pattern of engagement can be difficult and time consuming. If your business is suffering from a decline in double taps, check out these helpful tips on how to increase engagement on Instagram:


1. Explore different formatting. Depending on your audience, the way you format your content can be crucial. If you find that your viewers enjoy watching videos instead of looking at an image, then posting more videos is in your best interest. Thankfully, Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t have a preference with the type of formatting it shows to users, which gives you total creative freedom to post single images, a carousel of images, and videos. Showing your audience what they want to see will, in turn, increase Instagram engagement.

2. Choose your subject matter wisely. The whole goal of Instagram is to catch your viewer’s eye as they’re scrolling through their feed, right? Well, one easy way to achieve this is to post colorful content. It’s been said that the color blue generates 20%-30% more engagement on Instagram, so, next time you craft a post, be sure to add a pop to blue in there. Even if blue isn’t your favorite color, it can improve Instagram engagement.

3. A good caption is key. First impressions are everything, and the same goes for Instagram captions. Taking into consideration that Instagram shortens captions to 2 lines in a feed, means your first sentence needs to be unique, direct, and strong to get your viewers’ attention. The use of relevant and fun emojis never hurt a caption either winking emoji. A memorable caption plays a big role in how to improve engagement on Instagram.

4. Keep branding consistent. Similar to other areas of your business, you want to be sure your social media branding is on point. This means limiting your use of filters to be the same 2 or 3 options, using branded templates where applicable, and keeping your camera angles consistent. Creating recognizable content that users can easily follow along with is a shoe in to increase Instagram engagement.


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