3 SEO Google Algorithms that are Still Relevant in 2020


Panda and hummingbird and pigeon, oh my! Google is fond of naming its algorithm updates for animals and we happen to love it! When it comes to Google algorithm updates, we understand that each algorithm provides insight into the future of updates. It is important to understand and assess these algorithm updates during the time the update is made, but also during the future of your SEO work. A few of Google’s algorithm updates that stand out the most are the Panda, Penguin, and Florida updates. These updates are still prevalent in modern SEO tactics and are still being followed in 2020.

Google Florida Update

Googles Florida update was made in 2003 and left a significant impact on the future of SEO, as well as the current process of performing SEO tactics. Florida was a means in which to completely revolutionize the ranking positions of websites via filters on keywords.

For starters, the Florida algorithm update took into account the way a list of searched terms would be activated via the ranking they gained from implementation on the site, as well as the SEO tactics on the page, such as title tags and meta descriptions. While keywords are vitally important, so are root words. A part of Google’s Indexing process involves assessing root words and associating them with similar phrases (such as digital-marketing or digital marketing).

Finally, the Florida update considered external linking, internal linking, and backlinking opportunities which would rank your site higher according to those sites linking to you or linked from your site. Google ranks sites based on those linked to them via their indexing process.

Google Panda Update

Googles Panda update was made in 2011 and took the Florida update to a new level. The Panda update took into consideration the targeting efforts of long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords give websites the option to combine more niche pages into one page, making the keyword ranking for that page higher due to the significant amount of information covered on it. Thus, these longer-tailed keywords provided page rankings via full indexation to be higher than before.

While the Google Panda update sounds small, it brought about an enormous amount of change in the SEO world online, but business-wise, SEO was beginning to matter again.

Google Penguin Update

Googles Penguin update is an algorithm that most in the industry would consider having an enormous impact. Googles Penguin update transformed the link building that was initially introduced during the Google Florida update. The Penguin update encouraged individuals to think about the internal and backlinking on their website, and externally from other websites to their websites.

With Penguin’s update on external, internal, and backlinking, it did not have as much of an impact on the percentage of search results as Googles Panda update. However, the update virtually changed the way SEO looks at linking opportunities, once again.

What is the point of understanding the history of Google’s algorithm updates?

Google’s algorithm history allows B2B businesses to put together a checklist of those components crucial for indexing websites, and webpages. For instance, Florida, Panda, and Penguin are three of the most vital Google algorithm updates. From these updates, an SEO checklist for properly optimizing a website is:

  • Ensure keyword search volume will allow the page to rank highly
  • Implement keywords in the title tags and meta descriptions
  • Root keywords will serve as means to similar phrases
  • Understand external, internal, and backlinking opportunities
  • Long-tailed keywords will allow for fewer niche pages and more overarching pages

While these are only a few SEO tactics crucial to optimizing pages, they will serve as a baseline towards understanding the importance of Google’s algorithm updates. Updates are evolving year to year but will continually challenge the industry to evolve alongside.

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