Meet The Top Floor Team

Abby Becker

Digital Marketing Associate

Amanda Hall Amanda hall funny

Amanda Hall

Senior Digital Project Manager

Andrea Yank Andrea Yank Funny

Andrea Yank

PPC Team Lead

Angela Haskey Headshot Angela Haskey funny headshot

Angela Haskey

Marketing Coordinator

Anne Koepp headshot

Anne Koepp

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ben McClure Headshot Penguin in Top Floor flannel shirt

Ben McClure

Lead Developer

Bradford Nelson Bradford Nelson Funny

Bradford Nelson

Web Developer

Bryan Wilson Headshot Bryan Wilson funny

Bryan Wilson

Senior Account Manager

Chad Spaude headshot Chad Spaude funny

Chad Spaude

Managing Director of Operations

Debbie Graser headshot Debbie Graser funny

Debbie Graser

Office Manager

Dylan Karcher headhot Dylan Karcher funny

Dylan Karcher

Digital Marketing Associate

Emily Bandt headshot Emily Bandt with Buster the Dog

Emily Bandt

Digital Marketing Specialist

Emily Day

Digital Marketing Associate

emily-lepkowski-headshot emily-lepkowski-funny-headshot

Emily Lepkowski

Digital Marketing Associate

Ian Trice Headshot Ian Trice funny headshot

Ian Trice

Account Manager

Jennifer Hall headshot Jennifer Hall funny

Jennifer Hall

Digital Marketing Sales Consultant

Jim Bernthal


Justin Kerley headshot Justin Kerley funny

Justin Kerley

Managing Director, Client Services and Finance

Leeah Reichardt headshot Leeah Reichardt funny headshot

Leeah Reichardt

Digital Designer

makenzie-walker-headshot makenzie-walker-funny-headshot

Makenzie Walker

Digital Marketing Associate

Martha Herdendorf headshot Martha Herdendorf blowing a bubble

Martha Herdendorf

Marketing Coordinator

Melanie Helgerson headshot Melanie Helgerson funny

Melanie Helgerson

Manager of Digital Design

nick-sharafinski-headshot nick-sharafinski-funny-headshot

Nick Sharafinski

Account Manager

Paige Mayer

Digital Marketing Associate

Sarah Kloth Headshot Sarah Kloth funny

Sarah Kloth

Managing Director of Marketing Strategy

Sophia Zey headshot Sophia Zey funny headshot

Sophia Zey

Front-End Developer

Tony Klose headshot Tony Klose funny

Tony Klose


Vicki Bernthal

Human Resources

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