Marketing Automation Solutions

Marketing automation systems combined with a strong content marketing strategy work right at the top of your sales funnel. This helps to create leads and moves them through the stages so your sales team gets highly qualified leads to follow up with. Those leads that need a little more love and nurturing continue to get updates from marketing until they are ready to buy.

Our Experts

Emily Bandt

Digital Marketing Team Lead

Anne Cotter

Director, Sales & Marketing

Andrea Yank

Director of Marketing Services

Our Process

We partner with you to systematize your sales and marketing efforts by bringing them into alignment with marketing automation through whichever system works best for the goals you have for your business. We understand the fundamentals of effective marketing automation and work with you to create a foundation for success. Our marketing automation services are available for customers using our content marketing offerings, or who have a strong internal content creation team. From there, we will work with your team to understand each step in your sales cycle and automate the steps that make the most sense so you can offer your sales team only the leads most likely to close.

Our Expertise:

  • SalesForce
  • Pardot
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • ClickDimensions
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • And Others


It Starts With Creating Content

Marketing automation is designed to work hand in hand with content or inbound marketing tactics. Creating content such as blogs, newsletters, ebooks, or webinars is great – but most people who download an ebook aren’t exactly ready to hear your pitch. The great news is that your content efforts have brought qualified leads to your website and have them interacting with your business – which you would not have without the content. But now you have a ton of leads of varying quality and no way to gauge whether or not you need to invest in hiring more salespeople or if most of the leads you are getting from newsletter subscriptions or webinar registrations are worth spending time on.

Lead Management

Proper implementation of a marketing automation system means that each time a lead interacts with your website to collect more of that amazing content, you collect just a bit more information. Your marketing automation system remembers their name, company name, and email address already, so this time you ask for a bit more information to fill out the profile like title or phone number. As you collect the information, you begin to create a profile of each lead. If you are collecting more information each time they fill out a form, you know that they must be pretty interested in your business and love the content you create. This alone doesn’t qualify them for a sales call. However, the type of content they download and interact with on your website generally indicates a higher or lower level of sales interest. Someone looking at your careers page tends to have different goals than someone looking at your pricing page.

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