Web Analytics

Metrics are the Key to Improvement and Accountability

Would you entrust your money to a financial advisor who didn't track the returns of your investments? Of course not. In the same sense, you need a digital marketing partner who knows how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a wealth of data to measure and evaluate how customers find and use your website. At Top Floor, we go beyond simply installing tracking code on your website and leaving the analysis to you. Our Google-certified specialists will configure your Analytics account to measure what matters and to create clear, meaningful reports of our effectiveness. We'll use this information to make continuous improvements to your plan - and to hold ourselves accountable for your success.


Insite Metrics

Insite Metrics is Top Floor's proprietary tracking software for lead generation measurement. Insite Metrics allows you to see where all of your web leads are coming from and to evaluate the quality of these leads.

Our firm's analytics experts can interpret your tracking data and make recommendations for improving your website results. Not only can we track all users as they navigate your website to see what content they access, we can also evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, PPC advertising management, online directories and other marketing campaigns. Most importantly we can measure your online conversions, like leads and sales.