Sporting Smiles

The Challenge:
Sporting Smiles was looking to differentiate itself from the competition and drive additional traffic and business through their website
The Solution:
In order to drive additional traffic from organic search, Top Floor conducted keyword research to identify search terms that Sporting Smiles' target audience uses to find their products. After keyword targets were chosen, Top Floor optimized the content of the current site in order to increase keyword rankings and visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages
The Results:
In the 8 months that followed the start of Sporting Smiles' campaign, visits to the site increased over 50% when comparing year over year. Sporting Smiles also receives over 60 leads and 100 unique e-commerce transactions per month on average.
Key Performance Indicators:
Total Visits+51%
Visits from Google+54%
Contact Us leads60+/month
Unique Transactions100+/month