Howard Precision

The Challenge:
Howard Precision has worked with Top Floor since 2011 beginning with a new website and transitioning into an SEO program. Howard experienced steady growth throughout the program but wished to capture more traffic from specific aluminum plates and bar stocks
The Solution:
In order to gain traffic from these specific product lines, Top Floor identified the need to build out additional content and web pages that target these specific products. Several products that were identified as high priority targets were Mic 6, Alca 5, and Aluminum 6061
The Results:
After getting the new content indexed in the search engines, Howard Precision experienced a 25% increase in visits buoyed by a 37% increase in visits from organic searches. Of the pages with new content created, the Mic 6 page had an increase in visits of 197%, the Alca 5 page had 138% more visits and the Aluminum 6061 received 80% more visits. All these factors contributed to a 39% in leads generated by the website
Key Performance Indicators:
Total Visits+25%
Google Visits+37%
Lead Generation+39%
Mic 6 Page Visits+197%
Alca 5 Page Visits+138%
6061 Page Visits+80%