Dura-Bar Metal Services

The Challenge:
Dura-Bar Metal Services wanted to increase sales and leads through Internet marketing with a focus on keywords related to bronze alloys. Many bronze alloys are known by a wide variety of names, which makes achieving organic rankings for all terms very difficult
The Solution:
Through discussions with Dura-Bar Metal Services and keyword research, it was determined that we would focus on only two name variations per alloy. These were selected based on the amount of verified search traffic as well as the most commonly used terms within the industry. After these keywords were selected, Top Floor worked with the Dura-Bar Metal Services team to optimize their newly developed B2B site
The Results:
After one year since launching the campaign, site performance through organic search alone yielded an increase of 108% in visits supported heavily by visits from Google searches, which increased 134%. Not only has traffic increased, but highly relevant traffic as the site's conversion rate was 2.22%.
Key Performance Indicators:
Total Visits+108%
Google Visits+134%
Conversion Rate2.22%