Search Engine Optimization

A great website with no ongoing SEO strategy is like a store built in the middle of the desert. It may look great, but customers aren't going to find it.

Top Floor's SEO experts have a passion for maximizing the number of qualified customers that search engines can deliver to your website. As Wisconsin's best search engine optimization agency, we have the experience and knowledge to help obtain - and maintain - top rankings for keywords that will help generate leads and sales for your business.

Search engines are a moving target.

Search engines are constantly making adjustments in order to provide their users with the best possible experience.  It's not uncommon for Google to make over a dozen changes to its search algorithm in just one month! Because the landscape is constantly shifting, you need an SEO company that stays on top of the latest trends. Our SEO specialists are Google-certified and locally-recognized experts in their fields. When Google makes major changes to their algorithm, they leap to help our clients capitalize on the new opportunities this creates.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

A lot of web design companies claim to offer search engine optimization services. In many cases, what they do is what we consider basic "hygiene". They build a site, fill it with keywords and HTML tags, and hope that search engines will find it. We understand that climbing to the top of search rankings - and staying there - is an ongoing process. It takes time, skill, creativity, and continuous improvement to achieve results.

The majority of our web design clients also have ongoing SEO contracts with us. They understand the importance and the value of investing in a strategy to drive more traffic to their site by improving their search rankings.

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