Email Marketing

Email Marketing - A low-cost, high-return marketing tool

It's been around seemingly forever, yet email remains one of the most effective and powerful strategies in a marketer's digital toolbox. It is one of those marketing tactics that is easy to do, but not so easy to do well.

Stop sending "blasts".

A "blast" is a mass email with generic content sent indiscriminately to an organization's entire audience. At Top Floor, we don't do blasts. Instead, we help our clients to send timely, informative, and attractive messages to their customers. We also help our clients build and segment their audience by evaluating and reviewing each recipient's interests and their stage in the buying cycle. The result is high open rates, high conversion rates, and low opt-out rates.

Our email marketing services:

*       HTML template design and development

*       Messaging strategy

*       Landing page optimization

*       Contact database setup

*       Database segmentation

*       Copywriting and editing

*       Deployment and measurement

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