Digital Marketing Services

Making your website easy to find - and worth finding

Search engine marketing has changed a lot since Top Floor opened in 1999. In the early days, it was about manipulating code and knowing how to work "behind the screen" to climb to the top of results pages. In recent years, Google has led the charge to de-emphasize the importance of code and to put the focus on high-quality on-screen content that visitors actually find valuable.

An evolving landscape

Google and Bing continuously make changes to their search algorithms. Some of them are minor, and others cause major changes to rankings. Top Floor's SEO and PPC experts stay on the cutting edge of these algorithms so that we can help your site reach the top of the results page and stay there.

Top Floor's Digital Marketing Services:

Enlist our SEO specialists to customize a search engine marketing strategy based solely on your company’s business goals.

Tailor Google advertisements to display your business’ value propositions and gather highly relevant traffic.

Utilize a content management system to intuitively edit and design your website’s entire functionality.

Our trained writers work in conjunction with our SEO teams to generate content that matches your search engine efforts.