Shorewest Realtors

The Challenge:
With the rapid ascension of mobile connectivity, people are searching for homes for sale right from their phones. Shorewest recognized this trend and knew they had to move towards a more mobile friendly and responsive platform, and quickly. They biggest challenge Top Floor faced was coming up with a shiny new model of the website, while keeping the familiar feel of their old website. The last thing they wanted to do was force the consumer to have to re-learn how to search. Another big challenge with any real estate website is the integration with the MLS (Multiple Listing Services) database. Top Floor's design team worked extensively on testing to ensure the connection went smoothly.
The Solution:
Due to the size of this project and the many moving parts, Top Floor and Shorewest had a close relationship with a lot of strategy and planning involved. After many months of extensive wireframing and careful research to lay everything out, Top Floor was able to come up with a website that had a refreshed desktop design, as well as mobile-friendly usability for every single page of the website (mobile phone, tablet, etc...). The project was extremely client focused, with a lot of edits and revisions to ensure the integration with MLS was correct and user friendly. Top Floor made their team available for very quick response times and always provided quality feedback immediately to Shorewest.
The Results:
The new Shorewest website is a rich source of information that is easy to access. At the touch of their fingers, they have access to data about home purchasing and selling, moving, insurance, financing, and more. The deployment was smooth and there was no downtime to users, resulting in a positive outcome for the project.