The Challenge:
CC&N came to Top Floor looking for a new website design and development but had the unique challenge of a very tight deadline of just over two months. They were looking for a user friendly, versatile design with customized elements dedicated to guide users to specific areas of the website. Additionally, CC&N was very focused on the careers section – and asked that Top Floor create a robust area for job postings, benefits, career paths etc.
The Solution:
Due to the short timeline, the Top Floor team created a very structured and aggressive schedule of deadlines to ensure the work was done efficiently with the goal of a very smooth yet fast-paced project. Top Floor’s team was in charge of all content and imagery for the website, which had to be crafted using CC&N’s standards and according to their regulations. The content team and design team worked closely to ensure each step of the project was done with precision.
The Results:
The website was launched on the expected deadline, and went extremely smoothly with very few bumps in the road. The website is fresh, unique and focused on the user at the center – with pages featuring CC&N’s work, their expertise and company overview. Top Floor and CC&N continue to have a great partnership and are exploring the possibility of working together on other projects in the future.