Arlington Plating

The Challenge:
Arlington Plating Company provides complete metal finishing services and solutions to manufacturers. APC’s products are polished, crisp, and refined however their old website did not reflect the sophisticated standard of their products. Top Floor was originally contracted to support an ongoing SEO program but found the old site very difficult to optimize. The content was sparse and the navigation made it challenging for users to understand Arlington Plating’s business objectives and how it would resolve customers’ plating needs.
The Solution:
After meeting with the Top Floor design and development team, Arlington Plating decided to take the plunge and build an entirely new website that would represent their diverse and unique capabilities. Discussions between The Top Floor and Arlington Plating teams considered ideas about how to best demonstrate those capabilities in a way that was attractive and easy for users to understand. To coincide with the full website re-design, Arlington Plating committed to a full day professional photo shoot with Top Floor’s commercial photography partner Saturn Lounge. The resulting images were eye-catching and proved to be an effective method of drawing customers into the website. Careful consideration was also given to the layout of the navigation thus giving visitors the ability to quickly determine the right path and solution for their needs.
The Results:
A visually stunning website with a clean, modern design that is filled with attractive photography.
Key Performance Indicators:
Visits - all sessionsup 7%
Organic Trafficup 19%
Conversions - all sessionsup 417%
Organic Conversionsup 575%
Mobile phone and tablet trafficincrease from 272 to 330