Team Member Spotlight: Curtis Meins, Digital Marketing Consultant

The Top Floor team is passionate about elevating results - with our clients, within our four walls, and with our community.  
Some of our team members you may "know" from their blogs and social media activity, even if you haven't had the opportunity to meet them in person yet. To virtually introduce more of these experts, our monthly spotlight will feature a Q&A with some of the folks we are proud to have on our team. 
This month, we interviewed Curtis Meins, Digital Marketing Consultant at Top Floor. Read on to learn more about the work he does with our clients and what makes him tick!

Name & Title

Curtis Meins, Digital Marketing Consultant

curtis meins top floorAbout Your Role at Top Floor 

I work with Top Floor's internal team of digital marketing specialists to design marketing strategies that will help new and prospective clients achieve their business growth goals.  I help prospective clients identify and define their marketing goals and objectives and provide a plan-of-attack to achieve their goals.   

Why You Got Into Marketing

I love the fast paced ever-changing business world we live in: Marketing pushes business.  I love meeting with new businesses, hearing their story, and learning how they get their piece of the pie.  Every business is unique but there are always ways to leverage the digital space to get a larger piece of pie.  Helping businesses find the way, and watching the work play out, is truly exciting and rewarding.  

What Attracted You to Top Floor

Everything.  We don't take a "one size fits all" approach with a company's digital marketing strategy.  We take the time to learn the client's needs and goals and have a whole arsenal of weapons to help the client meet their goals.  A team of people, expert and specialized in each piece of the puzzle to succeed online: Organic SEO, Paid Search, Display ads, Remarketing, Video and Mobile ads.  


Waukesha, WI


UW-Waukesha.  My real education came running a business for an absentee owner.  This opportunity shaped everything since.    

Your First Job

Paperboy for the Waukesha Freeman.  

Favorite Way to Elevate Marketing Results

Currently fascinated with Remarketing.

Best Piece of Career / Professional Advice

Surround yourself with driven people and find professional mentors that you can learn from.  I love learning from business owners a generation ahead of me.

Personal Hero

Not a single person; but a group of people.  I meet with a group of guys that build me up and I get to build them up.  We all have strengths and weaknesses and get to be each other's "heroes." 

Last Book Read

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Person You Would Most Like to Meet

Mark Cuban


I'm married to an amazing woman, Becky.  We have 3 sons, Peyton, Bowen, and Nolan that are the stereotypical high-energy go, go, go boys.   

Favorite Film

Finding Neverland

What You Most Like Doing in Your Free Time

Spend time playing on, in, or near water with my family.  We love waterparks, boating, swimming, and beaches.  

Most Meaningful Accomplishment [Personal or Professional]

Could I really say anything other than "my family?"  Continually working on being the best person, best husband, and best father I can be.  

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