Highlights from our Q1/Q2 Seminar Series

At Top Floor, we're passionate about elevating results for our clients -- and one of the ways we do that is by offering a webinar and seminar series (free of charge) covering the topics that are top-of-mind for progressive digital marketers.  Missed one of our events in Q1 and Q2?  Browse the list below to learn key takeaways, view the recording, and download the slide decks.

top floor seminarBuilding a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

A successful web strategy involves much more than simply having a website or a Facebook page. In this session we'll explore what separates winning online strategies from average ones, with a focus on reaching more customers through search engines, engaging them with great content, generating more business opportunities, and measuring results.

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Long Live the King!  Conquer Your Industry with Content Marketing 

Content marketing can be a game changer for your business by helping establish your company as a thought leader, generate leads, and build relationships with customers.

This recent seminar covered examples of companies successfully leveraging this approach with the goal of helping attendees build an actionable plan to bring back to their organizations.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding your audience's needs
  • Buyer personas & the buyer's journey
  • Identifying content gaps
  • Tips for developing a content marketing strategy

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5 Steps to Elevate Your B2B Social Campaign

Many B2B organizations want to capitalize on social media, but are still struggling with how and where to start.

At our recent webinar, Social Media Product Manager Sarah Kloth covered how to build a plan to launch your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other platforms - and how to sustain momentum and elevate your results.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to determine the platforms that work best
  • Engaging with industry influencers on social media
  • Building a strategy and getting buy-in from your team
  • Free tools & platforms that make your life easier
  • Measurements and analytics to monitor

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B2B Social Media Using Linkedin [Presented to the American Marketing Association]

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for B2B marketers. In fact, 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

While most professionals are on LinkedIn, many will admit to not using it much...or very effectively.

In this seminar we learned how to harvest LinkedIn's features and functionality to promote your services, build your network, showcase your company's expertise, and build your brand.

Download the slides to get the actionable takeaways on how to get the most out of LinkedIn and integrate it into your lead generation techniques!

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seminars top floorThe Changing Face of Digital Marketing

The way we reach customers and prospects has radically changed - and the pace of that change continues to accelerate.  At this half-day seminar, speakers from Google and Top Floor talked about how leading marketers are evolving their approach and get actionable steps to improve your marketing program.

Topics covered:

  • Emerging trends in digital marketing
  • Marketing in a multi-screen world & how to win with mobile "micro moments"
  • The impact of video & opportunities for marketers
  • Digital advertising strategies to laser target consumers
  • Case studies & practical examples  

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Paid Search & Digital Advertising 101

Need to build brand awareness and expand your reach? Paid search and digital advertising are two of the most valuable tools a marketer can deploy to achieve this goal. At this webinar, Steven Bauer covered some of the secrets to effective search and pay-per-click advertising and how to build a strategy that works in your market.

Key takeaways include:

  • When to use display advertising
  • How bidding & media buying works with Google & Bing 
  • Taking your ads social with Facebook, Linkedin, & Twitter
  • Tactics to laser target your ideal audience

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Paid Search & Digital Advertising 201

This session was a follow up to our Paid Search & Digital Advertising 101 course. It's intended for those who see the value of using paid search & digital advertising to build their brand - but are ready to get down to brass tacks and the "how to" involved in implementing a program.  

This webinar covered the keys to putting your paid search & digital advertising program off the ground, including:

  • Setting up your accounts
  • Best practices for setting a budget and managing spend
  • Analytics and how to monitor campaign performance 
  • Gauging return on investment

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