Jim's in the Slammer... Please Help Us Get Our Fearless Leader Back!

Okay. We're not quite sure how he got into this mess... but Jim is going to spend Thursday, May 5th locked up in support of a great cause.
He and the several other Jailbirds are raising money and awareness to help families break free from muscular dystrophy, ALS, and related diseases.
A few quick words from Jim:

"They are going to lock me up, and somehow that is supposed to get you to donate money, so please do. If you don't, I may not make my tee time.

If you don't care about me making my tee time, then how about providing some help to those who are struggling with this disease. Once they get down that road, a tee time is beyond their reach. 

So as a way to show we are grateful for the health that allows us to do all the things we want to do - how about helping out those who are not so fortuntate. I'll get out of jail, you'll feel good about helping out, and maybe - just maybe - we can all make a little difference. 

Thanks a million..."






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