3 Up & Coming Social Media Platforms For Business


A social media aggregator site that focuses on relationship building. The best overall feature seems to be the ability to claim your business and create a directory-style listing that will be visible to others in your area as well as your connections. You can promote this business profile for free and post "Tell" messages highlighting promotions, news, and more to your networks. The community is newer (I noticed some spam activity in my feed after I created an account) but if you keep an eye on your referring visits from this domain in analytics you may be able to better determine the amount of time to invest here.

Upspring.com Directory


The "fastest growing digital publishing platform" hosts a dazzling variety of content for virtually any interest. With a sexy, ultra-modern bootstrap website, clean native apps on both iOS and Android, and an embeddable "reader" with bonus features on subscription, this is one of the most compelling places for brands-as-content-creators to be seen. The pricing is surprisingly affordable, and the ability to customize and "print on demand" can help your business scale up its marketing operation, growing with you. Sure to bring out your creative side, consider Issuu for your next trade journal or industry news piece.

Issuu.com Publisher Platform


Spoke describes itself as a "relationship-based selling tool" that provides business profiles with crowd-sourced curation. In addition, content and feeds provide information relevant to industries and specific businesses that is timely and potentially actionable. There are topics (for example, "Big Pharma") that provide a summary and a who's who in the biz. You can add your own pages, making the potential to become an influencer much more likely. In light of the opportunities, I recommend signing up for this social, wiki-style platform and seeing what intel you can gather.

Spoke.com Relationship Based Selling Tool

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