Nov 07 2017

Taking Recruitment to the Next Level

Marketing • by: Emily Bandt

Finding the right candidate is tricky to say the least. Not only does the candidate need the right certifications, experience, and educational level, but on top of that you have to find someone that will fit into the culture of your organization.

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Nov 01 2017

Milwaukee Empty Bowls 2017

Community-service • by: Melanie Helgerson

Earlier this month, a number of Top Floor employees participated in the 19th annual Milwaukee Empty Bowls charity event at the MSOE Kern Center. Empty Bowls is an event that raises awareness for the less fortunate who go hungry throughout the city of Milwaukee.

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Oct 23 2017
Content Strategy Planning

You've probably heard it over and over, that your content marketing strategy is becoming ever more crucial to your brand's success. This means that with the right content, you can achieve the attention of potential leads, keep your current audience engaged, and ultimately drive business.

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Sep 26 2017
Digital Marketing

The term digital marketing incorporates a whole host of marketing tactics including websites, social media, and content marketing. In Google's study of B2B marketing, they found that eight of the ten most effective marketing platforms are digital.

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Sep 26 2017
Phones Sharing Information

Using any or all of the digital marketing techniques outlined here will increase your returns on your trade show investment. Rather than getting one or two big sales out of the show, you can begin the long process of creating a relationship with each company.

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Sep 22 2017
Red Apple

You hear this all over marketing & advertising articles, your marketing director uses this phrase all the time, but you're not quite sure what it means or don't see the value in spending more time on your website.

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Sep 08 2017
Two women working on a project together

When it comes to design and content marketing, the "chicken and the egg" debate often comes up. In what situation is it necessary to have a solid design strategy before you can put forth any marketing efforts? And when do you need some killer content ideas first to then team up with a designer? While every case varies, from new website proposals to social media strategy, the most powerful output comes when both the visionary and the wordsmith collaborate. The process is never linear, but a fluid conversion between both sides.

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Aug 30 2017

HTTPS Now Essential

Web & Responsive Design • by: Martha Herdendorf

Browsers to warn users that connections are not secure if you continue to use the unencrypted HTTP protocol on your website.It should come as no surprise to anyone that the main players in the Internet world want every web page to be more secured.

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Aug 14 2017

Why can't I edit my Facebook links anymore in ad manager? Over the past year or so Facebook noted a trend: people were creating websites that appeared to contain legitimate (often sensational) news articles along with lots of ad space.

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