Apr 18 2016
playing catch up

Manufacturing lags behind many industries in evolving the way it appeals to its customers. Many a manufacturing CEO is rationalizing his or her dismal digital presence by saying: "Well, my competitors aren't doing much either."

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Apr 15 2016
tape measure png

Metrics that Matter for Social Media

Social-media • by: Sarah Kloth

Our tagline at Top Floor is "elevating results" and although it might sound cheesy, it's what makes us most excited about working with our clients day in and day out.  We encourage the marketers we work with to look at their campaigns and programs like a scientist - see what the data is telling us, develop hypotheses and test them, a

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Apr 14 2016
eric clark top floor

 The Top Floor team is passionate about elevating results - with our clients, within our four walls, and with our community.   Some of our team members you may "know" from their blogs and social media activity, even if you haven't had the opportunity to meet them in person yet.

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Mar 31 2016

80% of CEOs don't trust marketers. Yet 91% do trust CIOs and CFOs. This often stems from the fact that marketers are disconnected from the financial realities of the business. Higher click-through-rates, better landing page conversions, lower bounce rates are all great - but what matters most is knowing what's really driving sales.

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Mar 29 2016
Johnny Depp

Imagine this: You're a Sales Manager at a manufacturing company that designs and builds products for a highly competitive industry (sound familiar?). The product your company manufactures is, in fact, a meticulously-designed, bullet-proof piece of engineering genius - nay, art...

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