Sep 22 2017
Red Apple

You hear this all over marketing & advertising articles, your marketing director uses this phrase all the time, but you're not quite sure what it means or don't see the value in spending more time on your website.

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Sep 08 2017
Two women working on a project together

When it comes to design and content marketing, the "chicken and the egg" debate often comes up. In what situation is it necessary to have a solid design strategy before you can put forth any marketing efforts? And when do you need some killer content ideas first to then team up with a designer? While every case varies, from new website proposals to social media strategy, the most powerful output comes when both the visionary and the wordsmith collaborate. The process is never linear, but a fluid conversion between both sides.

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Aug 30 2017

HTTPS Now Essential

Web & Responsive Design • by: Martha Herdendorf

Browsers to warn users that connections are not secure if you continue to use the unencrypted HTTP protocol on your website.It should come as no surprise to anyone that the main players in the Internet world want every web page to be more secured.

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Aug 14 2017

Why can't I edit my Facebook links anymore in ad manager? Over the past year or so Facebook noted a trend: people were creating websites that appeared to contain legitimate (often sensational) news articles along with lots of ad space.

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Jul 25 2017
Ice Cream Faces

The Many Faces of Content Marketing

Content-marketing • by: Sarah Kloth

What Types of Content Marketing Should I Use?Failing to diversify proves to be one of the most common marketing mistakes made when it comes to content and inbound marketing. Many organizations place all of their eggs into one basket - typically a blog.

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Jun 30 2017
Friends or Foes

PPC & SEO: Friends or Foes?

PPC • by: Anne Koepp

There is a long running debate between digital marketing specialists about "which is better", PPC or SEO. You can find countless articles on the subject comparing and contrasting the two, weighing their advantages and disadvantages side by side.

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Jun 13 2017
Colorful fish in a sea of plain fish

One of the most difficult tasks marketers and business owners alike are facing in 2017 is how to stand out in an ever-increasing amount of internet clutter, as digital advertising becomes the fastest growing advertising segment.

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Jun 06 2017
Email Marketing 101

Webinar Highlight: Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing • by: Adam Buettner

We're featuring another webinar on our blog today - this is the first in a series of three webinars on Email Marketing. Get all of the basics with this great overview of email marketing directly from one of our specialists.This week's featured webinar is: Email Marketing 101

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May 31 2017

DrupalCon 2017: An Overview

Web & Responsive Design • by: Martha Herdendorf

In April, one of our developers, Tony, traveled to Baltimore for DrupalCon 2017. Tony specializes in the development of the Drupal sites we build here at Top Floor and he is always invested in learning more about the changes happening at Drupal.

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May 25 2017
Man in hat

Webinar Highlight: Paid Search 101

PPC • by: Steven Bauer

At Top Floor, we believe that continued education is incredibly important, which is why we're always planning and expanding our webinar series. We understand that workdays are busy, and it's hard to commit time to listening to webinars so we're going to highlight our recent events here on our blog. 

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