Mar 27 2015
Stakeholder Communication

When you are responsible for managing a search marketing campaign it's absolutely essential that you establish regular, effective communication with your key stakeholders. It keeps everyone apprised of your work, shares the impact of your efforts and allows you to establish expectations.

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Mar 20 2015
New Website Launch

7 Tips For A New Website Launch

New Website • by: Cindee Anhalt

"If you build it they will come." The line worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams but relying on that phrase off the set can prove to be disastrous when it comes to launching a new website.

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Mar 11 2015
PPC as a prospecting tool

PPC As A Prospecting Tool

PPC • by: Ben Page

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a powerful tool that gives you the control needed to prospect for your specific target audience, we show you how.

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Mar 06 2015
Optimized or Friendly

Is Your Site Optimized or Just Friendly

SEO • by: Jim Bernthal

Most marketers recognize that being found on search engines is important. However, what many do not understand is the difference between having a site that is professionally optimized for search engine visibility vs. just being search engine friendly

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Feb 10 2015
Top 3 Reasons for Responsive Design

Top 3 Reasons Your Website Should Be...

Responsive-design • by: Cindee Anhalt

Unlike some changes in digital marketing, RWD (Responsive Web Design) is far from last year's news! Responsive design reformats your website pages based on the mobile device that your visitors are using

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Feb 04 2015
Remarketing 101

Remarketing 101

PPC • by: Jason Turowski

You've visited a site and now their ads are popping up on other sites you visit. They are remarketing to you, find out what that means and how you can remarket too.

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Jan 21 2015
Google Responsive Site on Phone

The Best Reason Yet To Make Your Website...

Responsive-design • by: Eric Vallee

Many people have been telling website owners that they should consider making their website responsive, which means that the website can change its display configuration based on the device in which it is being accessed.  There have been many supporting arguments for responsive: higher click through rate, improved customer experience, better branding, etc.

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Dec 17 2014
Mobile Ad Campaigns

Create Mobile PPC Campaigns That Rock

PPC • by: Joe Martinez

Mobile usage in search marketing is on the rise with no signs of slowing down. There is no excuse for paid search marketers to be ignoring this channel in their accounts.

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Dec 11 2014

What Does A Solid Marketing Strategy Look...

Marketing • by: Jim Bernthal

If you are like most business owners, CEO's, and sales reps - you want to see "more quality leads" from your marketing investments. A solid marketing strategy will do that. At the same time, it will also help you increase conversion rates and protect margins. In other words, a solid marketing strategy can help you generate more quality leads and close a higher percentage of the business you pursue without cutting prices.

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Dec 03 2014

Does Your Marketing Partner Understand Your...

Industrial-marketing • by: Eric Vallee

Search marketing companies often brag about providing you keywords with number one rankings or bringing in more search traffic for your website..  Certainly those are important aspects of search marketing.

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Sep 08 2014
Top Floor Careers

What Every CEO Should Know About Digital...

Analytics • by: Joe Martinez

Think of the last time you shared something you saw in a newspaper or yellow page. Now think of the last time you shared a YouTube video or website link. We live in a digital world, and your business NEEDS to be a part of it. So Mr. or Ms. CEO, here are some things you need to know about digital marketing.

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Aug 29 2014
Psychology of Landing Page - Follow the path

What Is A Landing Page And Why Should You...

Conversion • by: Ben Pipkin

Dedicated landing pages are an important tool for your paid search and/or email campaigns. It's amazing to me how many companies are still dropping visitors on their homepage, instead of creating a dedicated landing page to match the offer.

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